When it turned out the nail and beauty products she used every day as a nail tech were making her sick, Sheila Fredriksen sought out healthy, holistic, and effective products to use instead. When she found nothing that fit the bill, she hired a chemist and together they created the Nontoxique line of hand and foot care products. “Our formulas are 100% authentically natural,” she says. “Each product is made from pure plant and fruit parts right out of nature  — not adulterated, nutritionally stripped, synthetic, or left biologically inactive. Following the holistic paradigm, all ingredients work synergistically together to support or enhance the healing and regenerative ability of each ingredient.”

> Hand Cleanser moisturizes the eponychium, nourishes nails, regenerates aging skin, soothes sensitive skin, and washes away germs and grime. It contains essential oils of elemi, myrrh, sweet orange, and mandarin, as well as rosemary, coconut, and olive.

> Herbal Scrub increases cell hydration, moisturizes skin, promotes optimal nutrient absorption, revitalizes damaged skin, and sloughs dead, dry skin. It uses almond oil, shea butter, and various essential oils to exfoliate and smooth.

> Age Reversal Serum increases moisture, improves skin radiance, and neutralizes free radicals. Ingredients include buriti and jojoba oils, licorice, kiwi seed, arbutin, and Moroccan blue chamomile. Sea buckthorn and rosehips seed oils aid in cellular rejuvenation.

> Restore Day Crème improves skin elasticity, increase collagen synthesis, locks in hydration, and soothes sensitive skin. Mowrah and mango butters prevent skin drying and minimize fine lines. It also includes turmeric, gotu kola, alfalfa, sage, ginseng, comfrey, and avocado oil.

> Cuticle & Nail Balm maintains nail and tissue suppleness and flexibility. It nourishes, softens, and waterproofs using myrrh, beeswax, avocado, kiwi seed, coconut, and vitamin E.

For more information, go to http://www.nontoxique.com/.

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