Many of our salon clients wonder how safe they are when getting filed, buffed, and polished — and with all the media coverage about infections at nail salons, this is not surprising. It is time for all of us to acknowledge this very real threat to our income and to take action.

My name is Monika Herzog Butler. I am the founder of Salon Inspector ( and I will share with you our most successful and easy-to-follow tips on creating and maintaining a safe and healthy nail station. Learn one new routine every month and start implementing it right away. In just a few months you will have transformed your station and created a worry-free zone for your clients.

Tip #1: Labels, Labels, Labels 

Label everything on your station. Containers for your tools should be labeled “clean” and “soiled.” New, non-reusable items should be kept in clean containers. To create an organized environment I recommend labeling containers with new items as well (e.g., “new files,” “new buffers,” “new spatulas”). Every product you have at your station should have a label and all labels should be clean and neat.

Our clients deserve to know what we are using on them — even if they don’t know what each product does. Most salon customers appreciate it if you explain what you are doing and why, and maybe even what products you are using on them.



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