The Ace of Lace

Forever French Nail Systems has come out with a new design for nail art using its colored acrylics and a touch of lace. CEO of Forever French Kerry Ann Webber, explains that the design will work with any small bits of lace and that the clear acrylic, when mixed with the light green pigment and when used as the encasing layer on top, creates a strong and durable bond that finishes smooth so the lace does not catch or snag.

1. Pre-mix your pigment powder into a small container with clear acrylic.

2. Begin with a sanded down acrylic nail or a natural nail and a form, and cut the lace into your desired pattern and shape to fit each nail.

3. Apply the acrylic bead to the nail, then press in your lace.

4. Cover with clear acrylic. Shape and file the nails. Apply gel top coat.   

Nails by Rachel Tuzzo

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