Sōl Oasis makes a foot "pudding" with yogurt and buttermilk.


Sōl Oasis, Atlanta, uses: Pink Papaya Blackberry Fig Foot Scrub and Foot Crème with Sweet Almond Oil; foot sanitizer or alcohol; Sōl Custom Yogurt Pudding and Shea Butter and Honey Mask (or Pink Papaya brand Blackberry Clay Mask); paraffin; OPI Bond Aid; polish; Seche Vite top coat.


1. Prepare the Sōl Custom Yogurt Pudding by blending equal parts of full-fat plain yogurt and 100% buttermilk (about 2 Tbsp. each). Place the blend in two plastic bags and warm them in a hot towel cabinet.
2. Spray the client’s feet with foot sanitizer or alcohol.
3. Check the client’s nail and skin condition. Prep nails. Smooth calluses.

4. Exfoliate the client’s feet with Pink Papaya Blackberry Fig Foot Scrub.

5. Place each foot in a warmed bag of Sōl Custom Yogurt Pudding. (Electric foot booties can also be used.) Use warmed wet towels to remove the scrub and the pudding after five minutes.
6. Apply the Sōl Shea Butter and Honey Mask or use Pink Papaya Blackberry Clay Mask. Use warmed wet towels to remove after five minutes.

7. Massage the client’s feet and lower legs with Pink Papaya Foot Crème with Sweet Almond Oil.
8. Place warm paraffin wraps on the client’s feet. Remove after five minutes.
9. Apply OPI Bond Aid, two coats of polish, and Seche Vite top coat.

Price: $70

Alternate Names: Buttermilk Pedi, Blackberry Fig Pedicure, Decadent Moisture-Infusion Pedicure

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