At Well Polished in Katy, Texas, clients just might decide on their pedicure color from a glimpse of the salon’s chandelier. Handcrafted by Dr. Scott Balin, DC, as a grand opening gift to salon co-owners Donna Balin (his wife) and Chalanda Hook (his sister-in-law), the ceiling fixture is made of over 70 SpaRitual lacquer bottles. “We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the chandelier from ‘Where can I get one of these?’ to ‘How did anyone ever think of that?’” Donna Balin says. “It’s been a hit, but moreover fits right in our li’l spa that’s goal is to reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Like many of the other eco-friendly items at the salon, the chandelier was a found item (from a resale shop) that was then repainted and personalized. The colors can easily be changed by simply unscrewing the bottle top and replacing with the color of choice.

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