Redbook Magazine put together a few tips for readers on how to prevent hands from looking aged in its November 2011 issue.

Since hands are the most sun-exposed part of your body, apply anti-aging hand balm with SPF 20 daily. At all times skin must be protected from UV rays, which cause damage even in the winter.

If aging spots are already visible, try products that contain Vitamin C or kojic, which can reduce spots after only three months of daily use. Moisturizers with light-diffusing particles can also make bulging veins less noticeable.

In order to keep skin looking plump and fresh, use moisturizers with glycerin, petrolatum, or cocoa butter.

Celebrity manicurist Lisa Logan also recommends rejuvenating cracked cuticles by exfoliating them with a scrub and then applying a small dab of cuticle cream. After giving the cream a minute to absorb, use an orange wood stick to push back cuticles. For a more youthful look, file nails short and then buff each nail with five strokes of a nail buffer labeled "240/320 grit."

Because blue-ish shades can make veins more obvious, Logan recommends trying a warm-toned neutral polish like CND's Desert Suede.


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