Essential oils have many uses: burn the oils in a diffuser, use as a perfume, or dab some on a warm cloth and use for dusting and cleaning. Consider offering these diffusing kits as retail items to your clients — or try them out to make your salon smell warm and inviting.


1. Synergy Essentials has several diffusers to choose from, such as the wood diffuser that comes with a timer, an ultrasonic diffuser that uses water to disperse the therapeutic aromas, or the basic plug-in warmer. Synergy Essentials offers around 100 different essential and carrier oils in UV-proof bottles, including specialized oils such as immune system therapy.


2. Rocky Mountain Oils offers hundreds of organic oils available in blends, singles, and kits. The electric Spa Scenter diffuser (pictured) is only one of various types of essential oil diffusers that uses cold evaporation to get the therapeutic elements of the oil into the air.


3. Eden Botanicals offers 200 pure essential oils, and many are available in sample sizes. Oils like Cocao Absolute, Lime Essence, Sandalwood, and others can easily be made into personalized blends. The company also provides blend recommendations for each.


4. Offered in more than 160 different types of singles and blends or in aromatherapy packages, essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils are made from the company’s own farms around the world. Young Living’s Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser contains unique features such as a remote that allows you to control the built-in sounds or enjoy the multicolored LED lights. You can also plug in your own music device.


5. With many types of diffusers — including the hand-crafted Terra Cotta Pendant Diffuser (pictured) that holds scents for weeks and can be used anywhere — Mountain Rose Herbs offers essential oils that are obtained by steam distillation. All oils are certified organic and include scents like Eucalyptus Lemon and other basics like Spearmint and Orange.


6. The Anion Aroma Diffuser from Alfalfa Nail Supply uses ultrasonic technology to break up the essential oil into extremely fine micro-particles that stay in the air longer. Available in many great scents, Alfalfa’s Botanical Escapes Essential Oils are designed to rejuvenate, refresh, and renew the senses.


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