The concept at Hot Heads and Cool Claws is simple: beautiful nails for the ladies and expert haircuts for their husbands and kids. Located in Albuquerque, N.M., the thriving salon and barbershop is owned by husband and wife Jason and Shauni Kelly. “About four years ago I started attending and teaching at trade shows with Young Nails,” says Shauni, a 12-year veteran of the industry. “My husband attended the Long Beach show with me and was inspired by Greg Salo to do nails. But when he visited beauty colleges, he decided he didn’t want to be in a female-dominated atmosphere.” So he decided to become a barber instead. “I did nails the whole time he was in school and had client after client tell me how convenient it would be if they could bring their husband and children for haircuts while they received their nail services,” she recalls. Apparently, her clients were onto something. What started out as just the two of them is now home to three barbers, two nail techs, three cosmetologists specializing in nails, and a cosmetologist specializing in women’s hair design.



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