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No Muss, No Fuss Nail Art Coatings

by Sree Roy | October 12, 2011

Full-coverage nail art coatings — also known as appliqués, decals, wraps, and foils — let you apply nail art without ever busting out a striper brush or a glitter shaker, even in chrome textures or with rhinestones. Get your salon on board with this trend by stocking up on these spill-proof options.

From left to right:

This Zesty Zebra design from Trendy Nail Wraps is part of the company’s total coverage line. The company also has pre-cut French options.

Celebrity favorite Minx Nails offers nail art coatings in eye-catching chrome patterns, including this pattern of Gold Leaves. Some of its coatings are transparent, making them ideal for layering.

From NCLA (Nail Couture Los Angeles) come these self-adhesive designer nail wraps, which come with two sheets and a nail file. The design shown is called Secession Kicks, and to create a different look, you can flip some of the company’s designs and wear them bottom up.

Cala Nail Strips come in a variety of trendy designs, including a Bling series that includes raised rhinestone patterns and solid glitter patterns for rockstar nails. They can be used with natural or artificial nails.

Dashing Diva DesignFX offers full-coverage nail art designs, many of which come in packets of complementary (not identical) patterns, so each nail can make its own statement. Shown is Permission to Stare, one of the Bling patterns, which means that rhinestones come attached.

The Glam Collection from Art Club promises full-fashion nails in an instant, as these self-sticking decals lay right over the nail for a hot new look. Shown is Hearts of Gold, which features blinged-out hearts that have a raised texture you can actually feel.

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