Before she was a nail tech, Ena Rodriguez was a tarot-reading gypsy at Universal Studios Orlando. That’s where she first came across the art of henna tattooing. “I was curious so I decided to find out more about it,” says Rodriguez. “In the process I absolutely fell in love with henna (or mehndi as it’s also known), its meaning, beauty, and art.” All her work is freehand, which means she doesn’t use stencils.

Now a new nail tech working at Orlando’s Kokopelli’s Salon and Spa, she’s finding out that nails and henna are remarkably complementary services. “Henna is used for celebrations and positive things — landmarks in people’s lives, like birthdays and weddings,” she says. “I absolutely love the one-on-one relationship with my customer and the opportunity to create a unique piece of art on someone’s skin knowing that person is going to wear it. Through henna I have encountered wonderful and amazing people as well as their cultures.

“Now that I’m a nail tech, I am able to offer a complete package to my brides that includes hand and foot services along with henna. It’s also a natural fit during the summer when sandals beg to be worn. My goal, as my tag line reads, is ‘Beauty at your hands and feet.’”