I’m getting kind of tired of all these consumer bloggers online who are just infatuated with nail polish and post endlessly about polish and doing their own nails. I mean, sure, they probably help increase the awareness of nail care and new products (mostly polish), but I think it’s time for those of us on the professional side of the nail world to take back our place in the pecking order.

They’re even starting to infiltrate my side of the nail world as well — I see as many bloggers taking meetings with manufacturers and hanging out in the press room at trade shows as I do actual journalists.

As nail technicians, YOU have the influence over your clients to share the latest color trends and nail styles. Who knows better than YOU about the differences in hybrid gels and what the right treatment for peeling nails is. Don’t cede your powerful professional influence to a bunch of polish junkies who are looking for free handouts of the latest collections from manufacturers. OK, that’s a little harsh. But seriously, the professional side of our industry needs to stay at the forefront and the DIY-ers need to take a small step back.

The bloggers are the new kids on the block and everyone is fascinated with them. So how do you get your voice heard, you ask?

As an educated and licensed nail technician you can speak to clients on a level that the polish enthusiasts can’t. You know what services to recommend. You know what nail shape and length looks best on each of your clients. You know how the products work and why. You know the latest colors, the coolest appliques, and the interesting new techniques (because you read and go to shows and follow professional bloggers). I’ve got a couple ideas to help you reclaim your position as the nail expert.
> Start your own blog.
> Use your web page and Facebook page as a place where you can talk to your clients about what’s hot.
>  If you’re a nail artist, create a profile on Nail Art Gallery (nailartgallery.nailsmag.com) and share it with your clients.
> Get in touch with the consumer press and offer your expertise for nail style stories.
>  Put your own “Hot Off the Presses” book together with color swatches, nail styles, and trends you’re seeing from your fellow nail techs or in your trade magazines. Heck, put stuff you find on blogs and in consumer magazines in there too, but present it to your clients as you being their go-to source for all things nail-related.

If your clients are getting the information from you, they won’t have a reason to get it elsewhere. I don’t think consumer bloggers are bad, and I certainly don’t think they’re bad for our industry. I’ve just been thinking that they’re taking the nail care spotlight from those who rightly deserve it — YOU.

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