Mani•Q Glitter Press

by Staff Writer | August 17, 2011

Young Nails’ Mani•Q Color line features brush-on gels in 18 colors with a base and top coat. They cure in 30 seconds. The dots on the cap identify the color, and the gels apply easily like a polish for durable, full-coverage color.

1. Clean the cuticle and nail plate. Buff the surface of the nail just enough to remove the shine.

2. Apply Protein Bond only to the free edge.

3. Thinly apply Mani•Q base coat.Cure in a 45-watt LED for one minute or a 36-watt UV lamp for two minutes.

4. Apply your choice of Mani•Q color or just keep the clear as the base. In this demo, Blue 101 is used.Cure each coat of Mani•Q color for 30 seconds under LED, or two minutes under a 36-watt UV lamp. Do not wipe off the sticky layer.

5. Using a make-up brush, pick up loose glitter and liberally apply it to cover the surface of the Mani•Q color. In this demo, Royal Blue Glitter is used.

6. Take your finger and firmly press the glitter into the sticky layer, flattening it.

7. Apply Mani•Q topcoat and cure for 30 seconds under the LED or two minutes under a 36-watt UV lamp.

8. Apply another layer of glitter with the make-up brush and press into the sticky layer. In this demo Sunshine Glitter is used. Cure as in step seven, and finally wipe the tacky layer off using Mani•Q Cleanse.

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