In late March, Kerry Webber, owner of Forever French Nail Systems and the Forever French salons  in Norwood and Franklin, Mass., received an unexpected phone call. It was from Lindsey Suggs, the art department coordinator for an ABC Family original movie titled “Teen Spirit.” During the conversation, Suggs explained she was interested in acquiring Webber’s products and posters for a nail salon scene in the movie. “They saw my website and loved the advertisement posters,” Webber says. “They wondered if they could borrow all of them and my products for use as props in the nail salon scene.”

Webber was initially cautious. “I thought it was a hoax,” Webber says. “I researched them to see if it was real.” The request was genuine and Webber’s products were featured in the movie that premiered August 7. “Teen Spirit” is a teenage Pygmalion story starring Lindsey Sommers as shy clay-mation film maker Lindsey Shaw and Cassie Scerbo as Amber Pollock, the popular girl with her sights on prom queen. The consequences of Pollock’s bad behavior ends her prom queen ambitions and she is prompted to elevate Shaw to prom queen status.

While Webber was more than willing to personally demonstrate her expertise on camera, an actress played the part of the nail technician in the movie. “They said if their nail actress didn’t work out they would let me know,” says Webber. “I would have been there in a heartbeat to do the movie scene.”

Webber opened her first Forever French nail salon in Norwood in 1990 and a second location in Franklin in 2003. When she was dissatisfied with the quality of commercial acrylic applications, she created her own products and launched Forever French Nail Systems in 2004. Her products are sold worldwide through her website and YouTube and they receive additional exposure in national magazines and trade shows.

There is no financial benefit for the use of her products in the movie, but a national TV audience has great PR value for the Forever French Nail Systems product line. 

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