1. Recycling an aluminum soda can saves enough electricity to …

a. Power a TV for up to three hours.

b. Dispense another can from the vending machine. 

c. Aluminum? What does aluminum have to do with electricity?  


2. You recycle printer ink cartridges because …

a. They may be reconditioned and refilled over and over again, reducing disposal space needed in landfills.

b. The local office supply pays you a buck for each one you bring in.

c. Wait, no, I’m pretty sure we throw them away when they are empty.


3. You installed a spiffy new bike rack in front of the salon because …

a. You want to encourage clients in the neighborhood to use green transportation.

b. You’ve started riding your bike and need a place to chain it up.  

c. The staff is looking like they need a bit more exercise.


4. In an effort to green up the massage room, you are replacing existing linens (as they wear out) with ones made of …

a. Environmentally friendly bamboo.

b. Cotton linens you find on sale.

c. 1,800-thread-count brushed silk flown in from an exotic paradise.


5. You unplug unused electrical appliances …

a. To reduce the phantom energy draw that can occur even when appliances are turned off.

b. Because you need the outlet for something else.

c. To reduce tripping over the cords.


6. When replacing the refrigerator in the breakroom, you opt for …

A. A new EnergyStar rated model that consumes less energy and doesn’t use CFCs (chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants that can deplete the ozone).

b. An old refrigerator that a client no longer needs.

c. You find one that matches the paint color perfectly.


7. When redesigning salon lighting, you choose to incorporate natural daylight options along with …

a. LED (light emitting diode) technology, saving 80%-90% on energy costs and lasting up to 100,000 hours each.

b. CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) bulbs, saving up to 75% on energy costs.

c. Snazzy track lighting to highlight your creative genius.


8. To avoid wasting electricity burning lights in rooms nobody is using, you …

a. Install sensors/timers to automatically turn off lights in unoccupied rooms such as the restroom.

b. Put up signs to tell patrons to turn off the lights when they leave.

c. C’mon, how much electricity could a few bulbs use, anyway?


9. To reduce the impact on the environment from hot water use, you …

a. Install point-of-use water heaters.

b. Install a safety-approved water heater blanket and adjust the water temperature.

c. Use cold water only.


10. The salon laundry room gets earth-friendly …

a. With the installation of an EnergyStar washer (saving up to 7,000 gallons of water each year).

b. By reducing the number of washer cycles.

c. By not being used.


11. When choosing green laundry products, you …

a. Look for biodegradable, phosphate-free, concentrated formulas with reduced packaging.

b. Buy detergent on sale and use less of it.

c. Choose one that smells good.


12. Programmable thermostats …

a. Allow the salon to be heated and cooled only as needed.

b. Help you remember when to turn the heat back on.

c. Are only for fancy salons.


What’s Your Score?

> If you circled mostly A’s, you are a leader in the green movement. Keep ­researching ways to save the earth’s resources while providing uncompromised customer experiences.

> If you circled mostly B’s, you’ve gotten started but still have work to do. To get ideas and hook up with other green salons,  log on to www.nailsmag.com and click on Conscious Salon, or log on to treehugger.com.

> If you circled mostly C’s … who are we kidding? We knew that wouldn’t happen but couldn’t resist poking a bit of fun.

Didn’t get straight A’s this semester? It’s OK, you have tomorrow to adopt a new green behavior!

So, go ahead, green your salon. Embrace recycling, reduce consumption, reuse, or donate items. Redecorate with low VOC paints. Choose renewable resources for flooring, wall coverings, and building. Use post-consumer recycled papers and move toward reusable shopping bags. Your options are endless.

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