1. The Beyond Powders and Essential line from Alfalfa Nail Supply provides you with all the supplies you need to provide the perfect acrylic service. The brushes are made with quality materials and sport a stylish, attractive design, and the ­powders provide smooth consistency without bubbling, lifting, or yellowing. The Beyond acrylics give great adhesion, consistent color blending, and a self-leveling application.

2. ASP Aspire’s Pink & White kit is an all-inclusive kit that gives you everything you need to develop a full set of pink-and-white acrylic nails. Inspired by nanotechnology, the Aspire formulas produce a surface with a vast amount of tiny ­molecular bonds that generate superior strength and clarity. This kit contains: ¼-oz. pink bonding powder, ¼-oz. white bonding powder, ¼-oz. bonding acrylic liquid, 2-gm. glue, an acrylic brush, a mini black file, and 20 French white tips.     


3. Backscratchers’ Extreme Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System is designed for speed and profit that combines the best of resin technology with the best of acrylic dipping powder to create a thin, ultra-smooth nail. Application requires 75% less filing than traditional liquid and powder, and customers will love the Extreme system because there are no harsh odors and the nails come out natural looking with great pink-and-white and French tip nails.

4. Christrio’s Deluxe Acrylic Kit is a non-yellowing acrylic ­system that provides strong adhesion and requires minimal filing. The system includes the company’s special Deluxe-­Diamond acrylic polymer in attractive diamond-shaped jars. And the kit includes everything you need to get started making great-looking, classy French nails. 


5. CND’s Retention Starter Pack is an excellent acrylic kit for new nail techs, providing all the essential products needed to start offering Retention enhancements in the salon. It creates up to 20 full sets. The kit includes Pure White and Pure Pink sculpting powders, CND Liquid, Scrubfresh, Solar Oil, and a 20-pack of CND Velocity Tips.

6. Entity’s Acrylic Kit is designed to meet both the needs of the artist and the demands of the salon. The system creates beautiful, durable results and uses low-odor, cosmetic-grade products with excellent workability and durability. The kit contains a Success Series DVD of Salon Design Principles, a studio brush, sculpting forms, nail tips, sculpting liquid and white, pink, and clear sculpting powders, primer, nail dehydrator, cuticle oil, and an instructional booklet.

7. EZ Flow’s Murano Glass Collection will inspire you to create beautiful, artistic designs with the assortment of colored acrylic powders. Inspired by the world-famous Italian Murano Glass, known for its unique color combinations of blended crystal and colored glass, the Murano kit also comes with Glass Leisure Tips, Q-Monomer, Brush on Resin, and nail forms.

8. Epsilon’s Kinetics Professional Kit is designed for nail academies and students and includes everything necessary for pink, clear, and French acrylic applications. The kit includes an assortment of files, brushes, brush cleaning ­liquid, monomer, forms, tips, and the acrylic powders: Absolute Pink, Crystalline, Dynamite White, and Radiant White.

9. Hand & Nail Harmony’s Acrylic Master Kit is complete with all the necessary products for elegant pink-and-white nails. The acrylics use optimized hybrid molecules to help create strong bonds to the natural nail without the use of harsh acid primers while retaining flexibility. The sculpting powders are UV-stabilized and contain optical enhancers to ensure colors are true and do not yellow.

10. INM’s Out the Door Acrylic System has been designed using “cross linking” to consistently produce thin, strong, and natural-looking nail enhancements. The kit contains sculpting powders and liquid, Shaper files, a ceramic dappen dish, Elite Pro Stylist Acrylic Brush, INM Premium Oil, PrepStep Nail ­Dehydrator, and more.

11. LCN’s Ultima Acrylic Starter Kit gives the ideal combination of LCN Ultima Acrylics and extensive accessories for an introduction to the system of self-hardening plastics. The kit comes with everything you need to offer high-quality acrylic services, including files, dappen dishes, design stencils, buffing blocks, and more.


12. LeChat’s Nail Architecture Acrylic System provides strong and durable wear, an easy application with a superior texture, and a spectrum of luxurious color powders that will enhance the elegance and appearance of any fashionable nail art ­designs. The color powder collections are offered in individual sets like the Cabaret collection shown here. Nail Architecture provides precision acrylic brushes for meticulous applications.

13. Nailite’s Omega Acrylic System was designed for problem lifters. Due to the added adhesion properties in the acrylic ­liquid, no primers are needed for Omega applications. This professional line has a medium set time that creates a superior bond to the nail plate, and the smooth consistency eliminates the need for excessive filing, saving you time and money.

14. The Nail Superstore’s Artisan Acrylic Professional System was developed to exceed the expectations of nails techs regardless of their experience level. The unique formula has a self-leveling application that produces bubble-free ­enhancements. The system includes Artisan UltiMax Sculpting Liquid, Equalizer Nail Prep, Primex Acid-Free Primer, and three sculpting powders: Baby Pink, Ultra Crystal Clear, and Brilliant White.

15. Nouveau Nail’s Advanced Retention Acrylic System is formulated with UVA and UVB inhibitors to help prevent yellowing. The Advanced Formula Acrylic Powders combine the adhesion properties of a hard polymer with the flexibility of a soft polymer. Together the liquid and powder create beautiful acrylic nails that boast superior adhesion and ­durability, according to the company. The system includes forms, files, an acrylic brush, application guide, and more.

16. The Attraction Acrylic System from NSI is a high-quality system that is designed to not have service breakdown and offers nine different powder options, including the new ­Winning White, which is a very white pigment often used for competition nails. The liquid is formulated to actually draw the powder to the brush for a smoother bead application. With proper application, this system helps prevent yellowing and lifting of acrylic enhancements.

17. Nubar’s Infinity Professional Acrylic Starter Kit has everything you need to get working on acrylics right away. The kit includes nine different powders ranging from competition-quality whites and pinks, to softer more natural looking shades, and Nubar primer, liquid monomer, cleansing solution, tips, forms, and a pure Kolinsky brush.

18. OPI’s Absolute Intro Kit is a great starter kit for high-quality acrylics. Absolute is designed to slide easily into place on the nail with a set time that puts you in control of the artistic details. The kit comes with six color powders, for classic Frenches as well as more natural shades, as well as all the other necessities for acrylic services, like cleanser, forms, monomer and more. An instructional DVD gives great coaching on how to properly apply the Absolute ­powders to get the best-looking and best-performing ­enhancements possible.

19. Princess’ Original Acrylic System features liquid monomer and acrylic powder that is made with only the best quality ingredients and care. The low-odor liquid contains cross-linked monomers for extra strength as well as ultimate­ ­control. Additionally the acrylics have added ultraviolet ­stabilizers along with optical brightness to reduce fading and discoloring. Princess Acrylic Powder is triple-sifted through ultra-fine screens to obtain the smallest possible grain size, so you’re left with an extremely smooth finish that requires less filing.

20. Sheba Nails’ Porcelana Blue Acrylic Starter Kit comes in a convenient clear carrying tote and includes excellent acrylic powders that provide great coverage and application. The pink and white powders and liquid monomer are odorless so there is no harsh smell during the service and comes with a unique non-acid primer pen made for Sheba Nails.

21. Star Nail’s Nail Evolution Acrylic and Powder System provides great adhesion without the need of a primer. The ­advanced formula is engineered with a variation in particle size of the polymers giving a higher particle-per-square-cm. coverage on the nail place surface, which translates to better adhesion. The liquid and powder contain self-leveling properties to deliver super clarity without  bubbles or a cloudy finish.

22. Supply Source’s Acrylic Starter Kit gives exceptional ­adhesion using a cross-linking liquid that creates tough, crack-resistant nails. The acrylics have great flexibility with added UV protections, and a self-adjusting absorption rate that results in 75% less filing. The kit includes a Duo Kolinsky Brush, Original Universal Monomer, Pure Primer, and Pink and White powder.

23. Designed to work together chemically, Young Nails’ Acrylic Resin System was created with Exact Particle Blend technology to give you flawless consistency and superior ­adhesion. It’s self-leveling and requires minimum filing. The low odor, non-yellowing liquid provides color, strength, and flexibility. When used with Young Nails powders, the results are consistent, smooth, and efficient.

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