In February, Young Nails was contacted by SPC Amy Feltzin, a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan. Specialist Feltzin is also a licensed nail tech from Southern Oregon. She wrote:

“The art of nail sculpture is a passion of mine and I have been blessed to be able to get stationed here in Afghanistan with many female soldiers who are willing and excited to get their nails and toes done by me to help make them feel good in their uniform. We are the 1249th Engineer Battalion.

“While at home in Southern Oregon I am a huge advocate of Young Nails products and use them religiously on my clients. I am writing to you today to ask if your company wouldn’t mind donating some nail supplies to the female Soldiers of the 1249th Engineer Battalion here in Sharana, Afghanistan, so that I can do their nails for them.”

Once Young Nails’ CEO, Habib Salo, heard of this request, he knew immediately that the company’s new mani•Q gel color was the perfect product for the battalion. So he quickly dispatched the new mani•Q collection, a 45-watt LED lamp, and a duffle-bag full of files, accessories and Lomasi skin care products to Specialist Feltzin. He e-mailed her, just so she’d know the care package was on its way. She responded gratefully to Salo’s e-mail: “We just want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support for the troops and for us in specific. And even if this didn’t work out, just the time for your response alone is greatly appreciated. We could not do what we do here without the support from our families, friends, and fellow Americans.”

After quite a few weeks, the package finally arrived in Afghanistan, safe and sound. The soldiers were happy to have their nails done by Specialist Feltzin, who said, “We actually just did some fabulous nails last night! Thanks so much for everything! We love the new mani•Q Gel Polish! It is the greatest invention — totally soldier-proof!” 

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