China Glaze polishes have a long-wearing formula with hardeners and non-thickening agents to ensure a smooth, easy, and durable application. The lacquers are free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde and come in a variety of colors, with new lines coming out every season. The bottles also utilize a 440-strand brush for full coverage during applications.

Dashing Diva’s French Tipped tips provide textbook-French looks quickly and easily. The tips are available in multiple colors that will not chip, and the ultra-thin clear wells require little to no blending. The transparent adhesion area allows for adjustable smile line placement, and the tips work on any nail bed length.

CND’s 12 latest Shellac shades add excitement to both nail techs and customers alike. The range of shades features perennial classics and fashionable favorites to give salon-goers a wide variety. The colors span effervescent light shades like Mother of Pearl and Beau to the more bold and dark shades like Masquerade and Black Pool.

Orly’s back to school collection for 2011 is called the Happy Go Lucky Collection. The line brings back the brights for head-turning back-to-school fashion. The fun edgy lacquers come in colors Flirty, Frisky, Fresh, and Frolic.

Kupa’s Cordless U-Power delivers incredible speed and power, and not having a cord makes it easy for techs to take this file with them wherever they go. The U-Power can last for up to two hours on a single charge, has a lightweight handpiece that includes a holster, and can operate from 0-20,000 RPM.

OPI introduces a Lemon Tonic flavor to the Manicure/Pedicure by OPI line. The alluring new scent blends excellently into the scrub, mask, and massage treatments. Lemon Tonic is infused with yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit), hints of vanilla, ginger, and white tea essences, along with a unique blend of botanical fruit extracts.

Hand & Nail Harmony’s Gelish Color Gels apply like polish, with a twist cap and applicator, but are cured in a lamp like gels. They come in an array of colors, and cure in an LED lamp in 30 seconds and in two minutes in traditional UV lamps. Gelish stays on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling and soaks completely off in 15 minutes.

Cuccio Naturalé’s Lemongrass & Lavender Sea Salts work to exfoliate skin as well as hydrate and replenish it with rejuvenating effects of lemongrass extracts and a light lavender scent. The salts are gentle enough for the hands and body as well as feet and make an excellent start for any signature manicure or pedicure.

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European Touch’s ElleSpa comes standard with a full body back massage and vibration massage in the bottom seat cushion, as well as a durable steel support frame in the base and pop-up trays for manicure service or beverage placement. The chair comes in colors Cappuccino, Black, and Wine.

Bio Sculpture Gel’s Spa Line is a new collection of spa products to promote and maintain healthy skin and beauty. The line includes a Spa Potpourri Aqua Soak, Spa Potpourri Salt Scrub, Apricot Kernel Scrub, Mint Mask, Hand and Body Butter, Hand Cream, Cuticle Cream, and Hand Wash. This line works great for themed manis and pedis.

Tammy Taylor’s new Miracle Manicure Base Coat promises to extend the life of regular polish manicures by 75% or more, says the company. The UV-Gel Base Coat is applied and cured before the polish is applied, and it offers double adhesion to keep the polish from chipping prematurely. The polish comes off with regular remover, leaving the Base Coat in place and ready for a new polish color, or it can be worn alone for a natural look.

Antoine De Paris’ # 11 Gold is the original Antoine Acrylic nipper. Thirty-five years ago Antoine de Paris created the first triple reinforced acrylic nipper, and it’s still going strong today. It features a box joint with cobalt stainless steel and is available in gold or satin finish and single or double spring with a 5-mm. jaw.

Belava’s Indulgence Chair is a simple yet effective accessory to the Belava Pedicure Tub. The sleek design allows clients to swivel and recline while the tech performs an effortless manicure or pedicure, and the foot pad rests right above the pedicure tub holder so techs do not get muscle fatigue or cramps.

Backscratchers’ Heavenly Soles Foot Care System offers a complete pedicure kit in one box. The all-in-one package has four easy steps to create a lavish pedicure experience: an aromatic footbath, a natural ingredient exfoliator, rich moisturizers, and an elixir of enzymes to protect freshly pampered feet.

Young Nails’ Mani Q Color line features brush-on gels in 18 colors with a base and top coat. They cure in one minute. The cap identifies the color in dots, and the gels apply easily like a polish for durable, full-coverage color.

King Research’s Barbicide kills fungus and germs and protects against diseases. The EPA-registered blue solution should not rust instruments or stain skin or surfaces.

Duri’s Drop N Go helps you set nails fast. The instant drying drops dry enamel from the top to the bottom while giving polished nails a nice shine. Simply add one or two drops a minute after top coat has been applied and clients will be ready to go.

Akzéntz Options Soak-Off UV Gels are odorless, durable, and easily removed with acetone or other remover. The gels leave nails looking and feeling natural, and they are made from an innovative material to offer superior strength.

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Bellissima International’s Starter Kit has everything you need to start offering Bellissima Gel services right away. The soak-off gels come in a range of colors as well as solid builder and sealant gels. The kit comes in a convenient tote with Soak Away, Nail Wipe, files, buffers, and more.

Star Nail’s Eco Nail Systems Soak Off UV Gels come in a variety of colors and are formulated to prevent chipping, peeling, or smudging for perfectly balanced manicures that can soak off in as little as five minutes. The colors Moroccan Clay, Hibiscus, and Paradise Purple are just a taste of the delicate color palette available in the Eco line.


Essie’s ejuvenate is a revolutionary system for younger-looking hands. The comprehensive hand treatment is infused with proven spa-quality age-defiers like rice extract, arginine, vitamins A and C, glycolic acid, and licorice root extract to help combat signs of aging and reveal new, younger-looking skin.

NSI’s Polish Pro combines a fusion of raw materials that include oligimers, monomers, photoinitiators, and diluents, to result in one of the most resilient natural nail manicures or pedicures on the market, says the company. The thin-viscosity formula applies easily like polish, but when cured it has a toughness, scratch-resistance, flexibility, and adhesion that allows the manicure to look like new for a full two weeks.

LeChat’s Perfect Match Gel Polish applies like nail polish but wears like gel. This quick-and-easy gel polish cuts the service time in half and will give a deep sleek finish without chips, smudges, or drying time. The color is long-lasting and chip-resistant. Every package of the 22 colors includes a free Dare to Wear nail lacquer that perfectly matches the color.

Entity’s Rainforest Pedicure Kit uses rich nutrients, exotic ingredients, and curative energies to revitalize skin as well as the soul. The soak, scrub, mask, and nanotechnology-based lotion work in harmony for an experience that is sumptuous and relaxing to all senses. The products are inside recyclable packaging and each purchase supports the use of renewable rainforest crops.

SpaRitual introduces Handprint Hand Serum with powerful botanical antioxidants. This intensive moisturizer and ultra-rich hand serum is made with 72% certified organic ingredients and formulated with the very best in plant-based ingredients. Powerful botanical antioxidants have been added for maximum effectiveness in slowing the effects of environmental damage, while restoring the skin’s elasticity, soft texture and complexion, leaving the hands smooth and supple.

Light Elegance’s P2 is the latest formula from the company, which prides itself in its quality of gels and range of colors available. The bottles give 11.8-ml. of high-quality brush-on gel polish that will give excellent coverage after curing. P2 helps eliminate partial curing and is flexible to stay balanced on the natural nail.

Continuum’s Simplicity pedicure chair requires absolutely no plumbing or installation. Just plug it in, fill the tank, and you’re ready to start pedicuring. The lightweight removable tub easily fills from any sink without hoses or connectors, and the soothing shiatsu massage will relax clients in no time. It features an adjustable centered leg support with contoured foot rests, wood veneers with industrial-grade finishes, and chemical-resistant surfaces.

Xtreme Nail’s Designer Tips come in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs to give the nail tech unlimited creative control over her extensions. The tips apply and blend easily and provide excellent strength and durability for lasting wear.

Jessica Cosmetics’ GELeration is a 26-color brush-on gel polish line that the company says can last for more than three weeks with no chipping, peeling, smudging, or fading. GELeration works great for both manicures and pedicures, cures quickly in LED and UV lights, and goes on easily. The brush-on gel polishes can also be purchased in a starter kit with buffers and files to help you get started.

Mehaz’s Professional Triple Cut has a stainless steel straight-edge blade that makes it easy to cut tips on acrylics. The Triple Cut also has a single tip trapper to safely catch nail clippings for a neat and clean workspace, and the entire tool can be disinfected in solution without damaging the handle or blade.

Nubar’s kit for its UV Soak-Off Infinity Gels contains six colored gels, a clear builder, brush, prep, prime, and more. Infinity Soak-Off Gels are high-shine gels that can replace nail polish in a spectrum of colors. They apply easily and soak off in as little as 10 minutes.

T4’s iSpa has an iPod dock and hi-fi speakers and a conical back that prevents the music from bothering others. The spa basin also features a SaniSmart jet that can be used with a disposable liner, a single hot/cold control mixer, a multi-functional showerhead with backflow prevention, push button switches, and a built-in LED light.

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