Neon Hearts

1. Cover the entire nail with black acrylic.
2. Apply clear acrylic over the entire nail. File and buff. Start creating 3-D hearts in a variety of neon colors.
3. Add more hearts. Add rhinestones. Apply UV top coat. Cure.
By Michelle Jackson, Diamond Girl Nail Salon, Morrow, Ga.

Terrific Tie-Dye

1. Apply a thin layer of Light Elegance (LE) Perfect White. Do not cure. Dip a striping brush in LE Gel Polish in Purple Lollipop, then drag it in a diagonal line. Do the same with LE Gel Polish in Soda Pop Pink. Do not cure.
2. Repeat the diagonal motion from Step 1 with LE Hula Hoop Orange, then Electric Yellow, then Neon Green. Do not cure.
3. Drag a striping brush from one corner of the nail outward. Do not cure.
4. Continue dragging the brush outwards several times in a fanning motion. Do not cure.
5. Drag a striping brush in between each line in the opposite direction toward the corner of the nail. Cure for two minutes. Apply LE Top Gloss. Cure.

By Cassie Fero, Redmond, Ore.

Swoops & Sparkles

1. Polish the nail blue.
2. With a striper brush and yellow polish, add three swooping yellow lines. With a striper brush and sparkly pink polish, add swooping pink lines.
3. Use a dotting tool and white polish to add two sets of white dots. Apply top coat.
By Carrie Sweeney, Goodrich, Mich.

Not Quite Pink-and-White

1. Polish the free edge white to create a French.
2. Use a striper brush and pink polish to add three triangles — one on top of the center of the white and two below it, making sure they all touch in the center of the smile line.
3. Use a striper brush and black polish to highlight the borders and to split the white section into smaller pieces. Use a dotter and black polish to place a dot inside each pink triangle and to create an open black triangle as shown. Apply top coat.

By Eric Matukonis, Regal Nails Salon & Spa, Hazle Township, Pa.

Orangesicle Art
1. Apply glitter yellow gel diagonally along the free edge. Cure.
2. Apply orange gel in a triangle under the yellow gel. Swirl white gel into the orange gel to create a marbleized look. Cure.
3. Use either pink polish or pink gel to outline the orange triangle. Add an orange slice decal. Apply gel top coat. Cure.

By Kimberly Hamilton, Nails Hands Feet & Toes, Winnemucca, Nev.

Slanted Love
1. Create a diagonal French with red and iridescent glitter acrylic.
2. Use clear acrylic to place and cover heart-shaped confetti along the diagonal. Make sure the clear acrylic goes on diagonally as well.
3. Apply pink acrylic in the empty space. File and buff. Apply clear top coat.

By Christina Landeros, That Total Look Salon, Santa Maria, Calif.

Pink Argyle
1. Apply sparkly white acrylic to the entire nail.
2. Use a striper brush and hot pink paint to make an “X.” Fill in the left and right side of the X with the hot pink.
3. Use a striper brush and black paint to make a diamond. Add a nail jewel in the center.

By Jade Sewell, Just Nails, Great Falls, Mont.

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