“The United Federation of Nail Technicians has formed to help provide nail techs with support and benefits normally found in other industries,” says federation president Erick Westcott (who is also the owner of Gelousy Gel Nail Systems). “In most other professions you will see one or more trade groups that advocate and provide benefits for its members. Until now there was no such organization exclusively for nail technicians.”

The Federation’s goals include:


> Fighting incorrect information about nail techs and nail technology in the media.

> Educating nail techs in proper public health and safety.

> Educating the public as to what to look for when searching for a professional nail technician.

> Providing benefits to its members.

> Providing a clearinghouse for accurate information about nails, nail technology, and nail technicians.

The Federation currently has several membership levels starting at $19.97 per year. As a member upgrades her membership level, more benefits are provided.

Some of the current benefits include a listing at FindaNailTech.com, use of the Federation’s logo, and a certificate of membership. But two of the most unique benefits are the dispute resolution program and the Nail Tech Emergency Fund.

With the dispute resolution program, if a member’s client ever has a problem with her service, she can anonymously submit her dispute to the Federation. In turn the Federation will send the complaint to the nail tech and attempt to come to a resolution. This unique program is designed to prevent a complaint to the state board. Through the Federation’s resolution program the consumer can feel confident that her concerns will be heard, while allowing the nail technician to fix the problem before it escalates to a state board matter.

The Nail Tech Emergency Fund will give a member a $500 check to help her through an emergency where she is not able to work for four consecutive days. In the event of an accident or emergency, oftentimes nail technicians need to miss several days of work. As we all know if a nail technician can’t work, there is no money coming in but the rent still needs to be paid. The Emergency Fund will kick in to help the nail tech through a difficult time and help cover at least a few of her expenses.

For more information go to www.unitednailtechs.com.

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