When it comes to improving salon ventilation, Salon Pure Air/Air Impurities Removal Systems offers products such as the Salon Pure Air, which captures air contaminants directly at the source and safely removes them before clean air is released into the room. Unlike systems that work with the HVAC system that allow particles to linger in the air, the Salon Pure Air works most effectively within six inches of the technician’s hands, thus eliminating pollutants right at the source.

“For approximately $900 per station (with discounts available for the purchase of multiple units), a salon owner can dramatically improve working conditions and support a healthy work environment,” says Leonard A. Roulier, III, vice president of sales and marketing for the company. “Owners concerned with the upfront cost of incorporating this type of system will quickly see a valuable return in energy savings compared to installing a product that connects to the HVAC system and re-circulates the unclean air.”

Units can be custom-designed and built into the technician tables, or cost-conscious salon owners may opt for a portable system that can be shared between technicians. The system occupies 10 to 12 inches of space and is simply plugged in and ready to go.

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