“A while back I had been given a pair of Tweezerman V-Cuticle Nippers by a friend, and without really looking at them I took them home and threw them in my drawer, thinking they were tweezers. Well, I was going through my things to prepare to move and found them and finally read the box. I saw, ‘V-Cuticle Nippers’ and took them out, tried them, and was amazed.

They are so much easier for me to hold and use, and because they are sharp they don’t pull the skin. And I found I could use them with either hand with ease. It made me think back to when I was in beauty school and my instructor was teaching me how to hold cuticle nippers. She wanted me to hold them a certain way that was uncomfortable for me (picture 1). I could never use them that way and always had points deducted because of that. With the V-Cuticle Nippers, my hands feel better holding the nippers from the sides (picture 2). So it’s really made a difference for me.

Now I teach nails at a private beauty school, and I’m excited to show the students another cuticle nipper that is easy to hold, easy to use, doesn’t pull the skin, and stays sharp. If you haven’t tried these nippers you are missing a wonderful tool.”  




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