MiniLuxe, a nail and waxing salon chain that started with one salon in Newton, Mass., recently announced plans to expand its concept nationally through a franchise program with the goal of opening up to 15 new locations throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic by the end of 2011. Since opening its first salon in mid-2007, MiniLuxe has launched a new location each year. According to the brand, MiniLuxe thrives on a number of factors, one of the most important being the chain’s dedication to hygiene. MiniLuxe assembled a special group of advisors that spans from podiatrist Dr. Carolyn Siegal to physician Dr. Mehmet Oz to top beauty editors. Every salon features a lab equipped with hospital-grade autoclaves and supporting sterilization equipment. “In survey after survey prior to our initial launch, cleanliness and service surfaced as the two most important things for our customers. With both a podiatrist and a physician on our advisory staff, our practices are already reshaping the industry,” notes Laura Bronner, senior vice president.

Tony Tjan, chairman of MiniLuxe and general partner of The Cue Ball Group (MiniLuxe’s founding firm), says, “We challenged the team to come up with a breakthrough franchise concept that could create a new brand standard, grow quickly, and be resistant to economic market cycles. After months of analysis by some of the best minds in the country, the only project still standing was MiniLuxe.”

If you might be interested in opening up a MiniLuxe franchise salon, visit, e-mail, or call (855) MINILUXE.


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