I have a dozen sets of pushers, nippers, and nail clippers. (I buy them whenever they are on sale.) That way if I drop one I know that I still have enough to last me throughout the day. I also use disposable files, which are either thrown out or given to the client. At the end of the day I wash my implements, then soak them in hospital-grade disinfectant for the recommended amount of time, rinse, dry, and seal them in a clean pouch. Also, for each client, I remove the towels and any other items used, wash down the desk, wipe the chair, and make sure everything is freshly cleaned. Sometimes clients may have to wait a few minutes, but they don’t mind as they know I am looking after their health as well as my own.
Ingrid Slatta
Ingrid’s Aesthetics & Nails,
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


I have five sets of implements and each of my techs has three or more sets of implements. As soon as we are finished with one client we sanitize and put them into disinfectant so we can rotate them out. We each have a closed drawer for storage of disinfected implements.
Melodie Hand
Tickled Pink Salon, Clayton, N.C.


I don’t have time to clean and disinfect my tools between clients. Instead I have six sets of nippers and different pushers and nail clippers in sanitized pouches so I don’t go searching for tools. The used tools go into a container for dirty tools so they can be cleaned and disinfected at the end of the day. Then I’ll have the cleaned set of tools in new pouches for the next day!
Shamina J. Di Mauro
Advanced Images & Nail Center, Baldwin, N.Y.


I have at least eight sets of implements and I throw them in a sanitizer and clean them at the end of the day. I use disposable files and either throw them away or give them to the client to use at home. I wash the implements in hot soapy water and put them in solution to soak, rinse, and dry on a towel. I then put them in a drawer.
Tamara Nute
Sazzy Scizzors Salon, Forsyth, Mont.


I always have my implements immersed in Barbicide. The only time they are not immersed is while they are in use. Before I put them back in the Barbicide, I wipe them clean with alcohol so I have no debris in my Barbicide. I also have tons of Purifiles that get sanitized. It’s important that my clients see that my implements are sanitized.
Jennifer Fody-Sacco
Sanity Salon & Spa, Surprise, Ariz.


I have eight full sets for pedicures and seven full sets for manicures, plus miscellaneous tools I package individually (like tweezers, wrap scissors, etc.). Even with back-to-back clients I clean everything in between clients. When a client comes in, she washes her hands while I am washing implements from the previous client, then I put them in the disinfectant. I autoclave at the beginning of the next day or anytime I find time during the day. My towel warmer also has a sanitizing light as a backup, but I have never needed to use it for anything but nice warm towels. I also clean the pedicure tubs and fill them with sanitizing solution before I start on the rest of a client’s service or on the next client.
Lydian Flash
Lan’s Studio, Austin, Texas


I use just one set. I wash my implements and put them in the disinfectant while the client’s nails are drying and she is checking out. For manicures, the tools are ready by the time I’ve removed the next client’s polish, applied cuticle softener, and filed the free edge. For pedicures, they’re ready for the next service no matter what. (It takes no less than 12-15 minutes to properly clean and disinfect the tubs, so the timing is always spot on.)
Erika Clary-Terzani
Vista, Calif.


I have three sets of implements and about 15 nail brushes. I wash and sanitize my implements when my client is scrubbing her nails. Then when she’s drying, I pull them from the sanitizer, rinse, and dry. I wash and sanitize the brushes at the end of the day. As for my files and buffers, I throw them out after each single use.
Lorri Silvestre
Nail Designs by Lorri, Grover Beach, Calif.


I have two sets. While one is soaking, I use the other one. I always make sure I have time to wash the implements and leave them soaking. While the client is drying for a couple of minutes, I wash my hands and clean implements. When I’m done, the time is just about right to walk her into the waiting room where she can relax.
Oana Schultz
Well Spa, Milwaukee, Wis.


I have several nippers, pushers, clippers, and other tools I sanitize and disinfect between clients. I try to make a big show of demonstrating our salon’s cleaning practices, especially if I’m running late, by telling clients that I’ll be with them as soon as I clean and disinfect my tools. What are they going to say to that? It takes almost no extra time to clean your tools between clients, given that you have to wash your hands and clean your table anyway, so I don’t see the point of waiting until the end of the day to clean everything. I’ve used Let’s Touch for years and always keep my clean tools soaking in it.   
Deborah Blatchley
HFN Hands Feet & Nails, Fort Collins, Colo.

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