InStyle offers 10 ways to get great nails in its April Beauty section.

1. Flaunt your moons. Try sporting a two-tone half-moon manicure for a fun look that makes a statement. Some fun colors to use are OPI’s I’m a Pool for Love and Orly’s Shine.

2. Condition nightly. Apply a drop of cuticle oil, Like CND’s SolarOil, onto nails every night before going to bed to keep them moisturized.

3. Pop a pill. If nails are weak, try taking 1,000 mg of fish oil, which contains beneficial omega-3s and biotin for stronger nails.

4. Round ‘em out. Stick with a rounded nail if you aren’t lucky enough to have long, beautiful nails.

5. Treat that oral fixation. Try keeping sugar-free gum and a thick hand cream on hand when you feel like biting your nails.

6. Get nosy. Before scheduling an appointment, ask the nail salon owner what type of sterilization method they use, recommends N.Y.C.-based nail pro Jin Soon Choi. The tools should be sterilized in an autoclave or soaked in hospital-grade cleaner. Bring your own tools if you’re unsure.

7. Give ‘em a twist. Insert clean, unpolished nails into a lemon wedge twice a week for an anti-bacterial, whitening treatment at home.

8. Avoid UVB lamps. Instead of using a UVB lamp each week during your manicure, opt for nail fans instead.

9. Become a regular. Find a local inexpensive salon and book weekly appointments. “If your nails look good, you’ll be less likely to pick at them,” Choi tells InStyle. Apply a great topcoat like Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat every few days to help color stay put.

10. Go beige. Sweet beige shades like Essie’s Nail Polish in Sand Tropez are great for all skin tones and work with any of the season’s big fashion trends.

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