One of the most valuable marketing plans a ­salon can use is to capitalize on the many holidays throughout the year. Some of these will lend themselves to ­salon specials better than others, but the act of ­actively marketing new services or new ­promotions can really help make your name stand out in your community while continuing to ­entice new customers.

If it’s St. Patrick’s Day, why not offer a ­special “Green Toes Pedicure,” or President’s Day can have a complimentary “Washington White Wine,” or even an “Economic Stimulus Manicure at Half Price.” It’s really only limited by your imagination, and clients will appreciate the effort.

Mother’s Day in particular has huge potential for ­salons. There is a big market for gift certificates during this time of year, with creative­­ gift-giving-inclined sons scrambling to find a perfect gift for mom at the last second, and there is also an opportunity to bring two in the door as many mothers would like to indulge in a salon pampering day with their children.

The depth of your discount will be determined by your budget, but here are some ideas from other nail techs on how to market your salon for maximum Mother’s Day earnings.


“I like to give a free manicure to the daughter if she buys her mom a mani-pedi.”
Patricia Dean
Fayetteville, N.C.


“We plan all our events a year ahead so we’re very prepared for Mother’s Day this year. We are running a couple of specials. For our Mother-Daughter exclusive treatments we have the Strawberry Margarita Ice Cream Pedicure for Moms, paired with the Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Pedicure for daughters (age 4-14), and it’s only $40. Then we have the Strawberry Margarita Ice Cream Manicure for Moms, and Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Manicure for daughters (same age-span), and this is $30.

Recent studies are showing a rise in spending by parents on their children, specifically 8 to 12 year olds, who are now having almost $40 million a month spent for them on beauty products, and teens are spending another $100 million, according to the NPD Group (a popular market research company). So we want to take this opportunity to start building a bond with the parents and child.

And why not Mother’s Day? It’s a time of year when we as moms do not feel guilty about taking a small amount of time for ourselves or spending a little money, because we have worked so hard keeping our families going throughout the year. And if we can take the opportunity to spend time with our daughters in a quiet and relaxing place, then why not?

At the salon, we get so busy on Mother’s Day that we often have to recruit more help to cover all the customers. And dads feel so proud buying something for both their girls — they feel like Super Dad.”              
Marsha Coppola
NeVaeh Day Spa, Thorold, Ontario, Canada


“I plan to sell buy-one-get-one-half-off gift certificates so moms and daughters can come in together.”
Bri McCloud
Happy Nails, Athens, Ga.


“I always offer a Mother/Daughter Mani-Pedi combo. I have even had some moms bring in their brave sons. Normally the cost for the mani-pedi combo is $65. For Mother’s Day I charge $50 if they show up 10 minutes early, and I have been surprised at how many actually prepay for this service that day. It’s so nice. I am lucky to have such amazing clients.”
Leslie Howard
Edge of Beauty, Price, Utah


“Because I am an independent contractor and the salon I work in is quite small (myself and two hairstylists), I tend to run with my own ideas and specials. Occasionally, we will partake in something together but generally I switch up the specials to where I offer a variety of different things all the moms are able to choose from. I may offer a mani/pedi special, a certain percentage off their service(s), gift certificates (which are always available), run a raffle, or even have moms pick out a special grab bag to receive a small token for showing my appreciation and wishing them a very happy Mother’s Day.”
Jennifer Jeffery
Maple Heights, Ohio


“I always do my Mother’s Day Pamper Special, which is a discount on the mani/pedi combo and a free massage. I’m not the greatest at doing nail enhancements, so I would much rather provide a massage to relax my mommy clients.”
Melissa Fuge
The Foxy Lady, Klamath Falls, Ore.


“I am trying to set up free mini makeovers for single mothers this Mother’s Day, with a free haircut, mani and pedi, and of course some makeup. I’m hoping to earn some loyal customers this way, and help give back some. I’m not sure if it will all work out, but I’m excited to try.”
Brandi Ghanoo
Shades of Mahogany, Orlando, Fla.


“As a brand new nail tech, I am planning on adding some extras to my manis for Mother’s Day, like an exfoliating scrub and massage.”
Toni Arends
Tranquil Nails, Dike, Iowa


“I always offer my special Mother’s Day Pedicure, which is actually the same price as an everyday pedi but I do extra things, like wrap the feet in hot steam towels, give an extra fragrant foot rub, and a fancy big toenail art design of her choosing. I also add a little fine glitter (gold) to the final rub down with lotion and oil so her feet gleam. They love it, especially with flip flops.”
Cindy Watson
Portland, Ore.


“I offer a free hot stone massage with my traditional pedicure for Mother’s Day.”
Julie Pecanty Perry
Strands Hair and Nail Salon, Brookhaven, Miss.


“I print coupon fliers and send them to work with my husband for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day every year. It works great!”
Claudia Berry-Iacovetto
Newcastle, Wyo.


“We are doing a couple different promotions this year.

First is the ‘Mommy & Me’ spa party package that promotes mommy and daughter pairs getting together to bond together in the best possible way — with spa services. They get white fluffy robes, terry cloth headbands, spa slippers, rose petals scattered about the party area, and soothing spa music. The package includes their choice of two services: manicures, pedicures, facials, hairstyling, makeup application, massage, or spray tanning for teenagers and adult daughters with their moms. We ran this package last year and experienced everything from toddlers and their moms soaking together to senior citizen mother and daughter pairs.

We are also teaming up with a local photographer to do a ‘Mommy & Me’ photo shoot package. This includes fruit, sparkling juice, professional hair and make-up application, and a one-hour photo shoot with feather boas, hats, and tons of fun props. They also have the option of adding on a manicure or pedicure, and the package includes an 8” x 10” of their choice with the option of purchasing additional prints for an additional fee. We promote this package as a really fun bonding experience with their choice of soothing spa music or upbeat fun music, and even a clothing rack for them to try on as many fun wardrobes as they wish.”    
Amber Nicole Perez
Spa Events NY, Rochester, N.Y


Here are some fun Mother’s Day-inspired nail art designs to help get you in the spirit of Mother’s Day promotions. You can check out more on the Nail Art Gallery, at, and on the NAILS website (


Above: Julie Ventura, Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.



Above: Jade Sewell, Just Nails, Great Falls, Mont.



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