It was tough to counter the flow of dirty nail salon stories in the media, says Claudia Cox, owner of Back in Touch Wellness Center in Sebring, Fla. “We would tell clients, even show them our liquid disinfection system, but that didn’t seem to alleviate their fears,” says Cox. Her business turned around however, after she took the Medinails Learning Center programs and became a Medical Nail Technician. “Showing we care about clients’ safety when it comes to nail services enhances trust in us as professionals, and they come in for more non-nail services as well,” she says.

Medinail Learning Center offers two courses for nail technicians, an Advanced Nail Technician Program (ANT) for salon-based nail technicians who wish to upgrade their services and bring in clients who appreciate safety, and a Medical Nail Technician Program (MNT) designed to train nail technicians to work in podiatry offices. The ANT is four modules of online information plus an exam and includes sections on how to market safety to attract new clients and how to work safely on chronically ill clients. The MNT is comprised of the ANT curriculum plus seven more modules, exams, and an internship experience in a podiatrist’s office.

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