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by Sree Roy | March 26, 2011

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If Madonna was right that music makes the people come together, then music plus nail art plus jewelry in an accessible, fashionable venue will likely overcome the masses with pure joy. A Los Angeles-based collective known as Kleur ("kuh-ler": the Afrikaans and Dutch translation of "color") is bringing nail art to the masses via custom nail art events in retail stores (like Urban Outfitters), art galleries, and other venues throughout Southern California and beyond. The collective consists of three women who are also jewelry designers, plus they each have a career in the music industry. Jaeme Estera is a DJ, Nikko Gray is a singer/songwriter, and Nita Pettus works in record shop Poobah Records and is a visual artist. Sometimes one of them will perform during an event, while the other two create nail art. "Most of our inspiration comes from our music and our environment. Most of our market comes from the fashion industry, considering they want the most modern handpainted designs. They love it," says Estera, a graduate of Advance Beauty College in Garden Grove, Calif. Find out more at

Photography by Ace Caguioa. Make up by Christina Rodriguez. Jewelry by Kleur.

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Nail Design

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