Shape speaks with NYC-based dermatologist Neil Sadick, M.D., about fixing some of the most common wintertime nail issues.

If nails are peeling and splitting, harsh soap and hot water might be weakening nails, Sadick says. Try OPI’s Natural Nail Strengthener to help nails build back up.

If ragged cuticles are the case, “Moisturize!” Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI executive vice president and artistic director, tells the magazine. Use a softening treatment like Sally Hansen VitaSurge Cuticle Gel and apply lots of rich lotion when cuticles start to dry.

If skin around the nail bed is red or puffy, go see a doctor to examine the infection. Shape recommends using sanitized tools to keep risk of infection at a minimum.

If nails have dents or white spots from injuries, smooth the surface with a buffer and apply a ridge filler like Barielle’s Hydrating Ridge Filler, recommends Shape.

If tips are weak and nails are breaking, try using a cream that contains biotin to strengthen nails and encourage new growth.

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