As many techs struggle to get clients to take the plunge and dare to wear art on their nails, Tara Deck, owner of Tara Lea Esthetics in Chetwynd, British Columbia, Canada, can boast that 85% of her clientele wear nail art all the time. She credits her success with creating unique designs for each individual. We asked her to share some advice.

NAILS: What’s your secret — how do you get such a high number of clients to wear nail art?

Deck: When I first started creating designs I asked women of all ages for ideas. I then took those ideas and used them as inspiration to create designs that I painted onto nail tips and hung on frames on the walls of my room. I also created a nail art portfolio that I encouraged each client to look at while I prepped her nails for her fill (if doing enhancements) or while I was doing manicure/pedicure services. I generated an interest this way and because my designs are custom hand-painted I ensure they know that their preferences for color can be pulled into any design. I also use every opportunity to wear nail art. If I have an event coming up I will design myself a set of nails that pushes boundaries a bit to draw attention to them.

NAILS: How do you come up with nail art that fits each client’s personality?

Deck: There are so many possibilities out there that it is important to ensure I am always looking for new inspiration that can look great on nails without limiting myself to any one style of nail art. The other major factor when creating designs for clients is knowing each client and her likes/dislikes, favorite colors, hobbies, career, and age.

NAILS: Any other tips for other techs who would like to get their clients to wear more nail art?

Deck: Really talk with your clients! Never push them into color choices or designs that are not them. If a client is unsure of what she wants on her nails and you feel confident that you know her, ask her to trust you to create a design. Ensure she can be honest and tell you if she likes it or not and don’t break her trust by pushing her comfort zone too far. Also never underestimate who will be interested in nail art. If you take the time to truly know your clients the options are endless. My ladies range in age from 8 to 83 and I have several three generation client families.

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