Madelyn Johnson has been a licensed nail tech for 22 years, presently servicing clients at New Again Nail Spa & Boutique in Houston. Johnson’s early clientele had a fondness for wraps, leading her to become a skilled wrap expert, even earning a placement in the 2005 Nailympics in Las Vegas in the category. She is also an educator for Star Nail. Here she shares one of her most common fiberglass wrap procedures over a tip.


1. Prep the nails by pushing back the cuticles, buffing the nails, and applying Star Nail Sani Spray antiseptic.


2. Apply two thin coats of Star Nail Resin to the natural nails.


3. Size each tip and buff the tops of the tips before applying to alleviate unnecessary filing on the natural nails. Apply resin to the tip and fit it to the nail.


4. Blend the tip seam until it disappears into the natural nail with a Zebra file.


5. Size Fiberglass wrap strips to each nail and apply two coats of resin.


6. Apply wrap with an orangewood stick and reapply resin. Never touch the wrap with your fingers as oil will be left on the wrap and that could cause lifting.


7. Apply Star Nail Wrap Gel to each nail, examining nails for any lumps or bumps. If any appear, buff with a fine buffer and re-apply Wrap Gel. You may leave unpolished for that natural look, or finish with your client’s favorite polish.

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