Wax n Waxing’s wax is a 100% natural beeswax-based depilatory that contains no added sugar or honey and has a smooth consistency that does not crumble or break. The wax can also be melted in the microwave.

1. Wash face with soap and water and dry skin with a towel. Microwave or use a warmer to heat wax until partially liquefied. Scoop a small amount of wax using an eyebrow applicator. The best spot to scoop wax is where the liquid and solid wax meet — it should have a peanut butter consistency.


2. When waxing eyebrows the client’s eyes should be closed at all times in case the wax drips. Apply wax on eyebrows with some pressure in the direction of hair growth.


3. Wax n Waxing can be flipped up by hand, but many professionals find it convenient to flip up the tip of the application utilizing the spatula. Simply press the end of the spatula on the tip of the application and pull up.


4. Once the tip of the application is raised off the skin, simply pull the wax off in the opposite direction of hair growth. The pull should feel relatively painless.


5. Finish with cold water only to close open pores and freshen skin. In order to prevent allergic reactions, Wax n Waxing does not require or recommend creams immediately after waxing. Once the water had dried off the skin it is safe to add creams, oils, and makeup on the waxed area.


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