1. The iBend is a slender, plastic, bendable cut-out that works as a lightweight, durable iPhone holder for watching a video or movie. The iBend is small enough to fit in a wallet, pocket, or purse and works with all versions of the iPod Touch and iPhone. It can also be personalized with a custom design at a minimum order. Also available is the iBendXL, created specifically for propping up the iPad.



2. Charmable Talk’s phone charms are great for personalizing mobile phones and are available in 500 different designs and colors. Each of the bejeweled charms are silver-plated and feature clear crystals in a variety of colors. Each charm comes with a strap for easy attachment.



3. Ten One Designs offers two ultramodern styluses that not only clip onto the iPhone for easy storage, but are also designed with a strict attention to detail. The Pogo Stylus and Pogo Sketch make tasks like note-taking and sketching easy for clients with long nail enhancements or thick gloves. The styluses are available in pink, green, and burnt orange. Tthe Stylus is also available in black, and the Sketch is also available in silver.



4. Etre Touchy gloves can be marketed as a fun wintertime alternative to standard full coverage gloves. Clients can keep their hands warm and toasty during the colder months while still being able to manipulate their touch screen phones and devices successfully. The conveniently removed glove tips on the thumb and the index finger give clients functionality and style without losing practicality. 



5. BeautyTech Shoppe mobile phone holders are useful not only for clients’ phones, but also as business card holders or nail tip displays. Techs can keep their phones close while working or allow clients to use the holders while talking on speakerphone. Colors include clear white, clear purple, and frosted white.



6. Phone Devil’s magic screen protectors are a must-have for any touch-screen device. The no-mess, easy-to-apply protectors provide invisible scratch resistance and are available in four different styles — crystal clear, matte clear, mirror, and privacy. Phone Devil currently offers protectors for the iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad, though HTC styles will be available.



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