Mobile and celebrity manicurist Teresa Smith (second from left in inset) knows a thing or two about the challenges of doing nail services on the move. Her mobile manicure company Nails at Work has been around for about four years, and has been using Smith’s original mobile manicure table for almost as long. Now, due to high demand, Smith has made these tables available for any nail tech to purchase.

Dubbed the Bespoke Nail Station, the lightweight table is fully collapsible in seconds, easy to transport with a carry handle and shoulder strap, and is height-adjustable for premium comfort.  “Every aspect of the Bespoke Nail Station was carefully thought out for optimum comfort and ease of use. I even had a secret bag compartment fitted underneath enabling me to store cream bags inside heated mittens under the table — allowing me to provide a hot cream wrap for a true luxury manicure experience.  By releasing the station I aim to elevate the status of the mobile nail professional and how we are perceived in the industry.” The station costs £349.99 (about $550), plus shipping.  It currently only ships from the United Kingdom, but Smith is trying to add U.S. distribution sources to lower the shipping cost for U.S. techs.

Next on Smith’s list of mobile products to release to the world is the adorable Bespoke Manicure Belt shown in the inset — her team donned them during London Fashion Week, where the belts sparked international interest.



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