Nail professionals can show the world their creativity by designing and photographing their best work to enter in the International Nail Technicians Association (INTA) Stars Nail Design photo competition. The concept for the Stars Nail Design competition is for nail techs to create a set of design nails using extensions, nail art, colored acrylic, or gel to achieve a creative presentation of their work. Entrants are judged on both technical execution and creativity along with photo expertise. Finalists will be selected and judged by industry celebrities and editors, including Jan Arnold, co-founder of CND, nail technician Vicki Peters, and NAILS editor Hannah Lee.

The Stars Nail Design winner will receive:

  • $500 cash and prizes
  • INTA membership for one year (including free admission to the 2012 America’s Beauty Show)
  • Free admission to America’s Beauty Show, March 12-14, 2011
  • Commemorative plaque
  • Winning photo entry on
  • Local and national publicity

The deadline for entries is February 11, 2011. Applications can be found at or by calling (800) 648-2505.

2010-2011 nail competitors ranking

Taking part in a competition takes courage and determination. Just waiting for the results is nerve-wracking in itself, but in the end, competing is worthwhile — for many reasons. That’s why we encourage all nail technicians to compete. You may even see your name

on our Top 25 list. Each month, winners from participating shows are added to

NAILS’ Top 25 ranking. First place earns 6 points, second earns 5 points, and third earns 4 points. For SuperPoints competitions, point scores are doubled (for veteran or master divisions) and fourth place earns 6 points. If you have questions regarding your points, call (310) 533-2457 or e-mail judy.lessin@ All placements must be verified by show sponsors.

SuperPoints Competitions for the 2010-2011 competition year are as follows:

  • ISSE Long Beach, January 29-31
  • ISSE Midwest, March 26-28
  • Premiere Orlando, June 4-6
  • IBS Las Vegas, June 18-20


So that the ranking more accurately reflects competitors’ skill levels, winners in the novice or student division will not receive double points for their wins at SuperPoints events. Also note that no points will be awarded to participants in relay or group competitions in regular or SuperPoints events.




London Nailympics (September 19-20) 

Acrylic Sculpture, Division 1:

1st: Yeo-Ran Jung

2nd: Hye-Joo Kim

3rd: Seiko Yamamoto


Acrylic Sculpture, Division 2:

1st: Seung-Hyo Baek

2nd: Svetlana Yudkina

3rd: Elena Zavertiaeva


Acrylic Sculpture, Division 3:

1st: Karin Strom

2nd: Linn Limberg-Larsen

3rd: Dong-Won Lee

Gel Tip & Overlay, Division 1:

1st: Anna Katarzyna Wesolowska

2nd: Yeo-Ran Jung

3rd: Mi-Ok Kwak


Gel Tip & Overlay, Division 2:

1st: Zsuzsa Teodora Kovacs

2nd: Judit Kobori

3rd: Olesya Zhilcova


Gel Tip & Overlay, Division 3:

1st: Zsuzsanna Fekete

2nd: Maria Malekne Vigh

3rd: Gabriella Kovacs


Acrylic Tip & Overlay, Division 1:

1st: Ana Katarzyna Wesolowska

2nd: Marie Louise Appels

3rd: Sasha Schmalgemeijer


Acrylic Tip & Overlay, Division 2:

1st: Svetlana Yudkina

2nd: Anastasia Schadenko

3rd: Antoinette Scheffel


Acrylic Tip & Overlay, Division 3:

1st: Jessica Strom

2nd: Karin Strom

3rd: Simone Groenenboom


Wrap Tip & Overlay, Division 1:

1st: Yeo-Ran Jung

2nd: Mika Oki

3rd: Han Min Hee


Wrap Tip & Overlay, Division 2:

1st: Lee-Jin Young

2nd: Lina Nyberg

3rd: Lina Valerieva


Wrap Tip & Overlay, Division 3:

1st: Jessica Strom

2nd: John Hauk

3rd: Zsuzsanna Fekete


Nail Embellishment, Division 1:

1st: Mi-Ok Kwak

2nd: Monica Pierini

3rd: Alessandra Zagato


Nail Embellishment, Division 2:

1st: Svetlana Yudkina

2nd: Sabrina Scuccimarro

3rd: Silvia Ortenzi


Nail Embellishment, Division 3:

1st: Dong-Won Lee

2nd: Kirsty Meakin

3rd: Natalia Penkova


Fantasy, Division 1:

1st: Elena Manta

2nd: Yeo-Ran Jung

3rd: Naomi Kabe


Fantasy, Division 2:

1st: Elena Husainova

2nd: Sabrina Scuccimarro

3rd: Carmen Gamero Lopez


Fantasy, Division 3:

1st: Szabina Varadi

2nd: Maria de Lourdes

Desfassiaux Vergara

3rd: Marta Maslo


Mixed Media, Division 1:

1st: Hye-Joo Kim

2nd: Hye Kjung Kim

3rd: Mayumi Saito


Mixed Media, Division 2:

1st: Tatjana Keester

2nd: Seung-Hyo Beak

3rd: Jin-Young Lee


Mixed Media, Division 3:

1st: Maria de Lourdes

Desfassiaux Vergara

2nd: Dong-Won Lee

3rd: Kirsty Meakin



Nailpro Sacramento (October 10)


Hand Painted Nail Art, Novice:

1st: Dosa Sengphachen

2nd: Lakia Lewis

3rd: Maiko Kido


Hand Painted Nail Art, Veteran:

1st: Pisut Masanong

2nd: Yasushi Arakawa

3rd: Marina Lopresto


Salon Success, Novice:

1st: Chiho Hoshino

2nd: Mayu Suehiro

3rd: Nicole Vasher


Salon Success, Veteran:

1st: Lynn Lammers

2nd: John Hauk

3rd: Azumi Kanane


Sculptured Nails, Novice:

1st: Chiho Hoshimo

2nd: Kezuyo Wokisaka

3rd: Mariko Takeya


Sculptured Nails, Veteran:

1st: Lynn Lammers

2nd: Megumi Sawase

3rd: Azumi Kanane

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