Have you ever discouraged yourself from trying something new because you thought you wouldn’t be any good at it? Have you done this with nail art? Well you don’t have to because there are simple and easy nail art products to help give flair and a little something extra to your sets — even if you’re not a natural born artist.

NAILS has brought together a collection of nail art accessories that can be applied to any kind of nail, be it a natural, acrylic or gel enhancement, or even a pre-designed tip. The versatility of these little gateways to creativity make them perfect for the more timid nail artists. After a few quick attempts, you will be able to watch your creativity flower in front of your own eyes.

Once glued onto a nail, you can seal and cap these with a clear coat of gel, acrylic, or even regular top coat.  Let your clients be the first to compliment you on your new artistic accomplishments.

Kami’s Professional Nail Art products have very fine nail art additions that can be blended together to make unique looks and designs. The confetti crescent moons can make for festive holiday designs, or add them to the shimmering stars to make a nail night to remember. Kami has 3-D flowers that can be glued and embedded with acrylic or gel for added strength and durability for the stand-out design.

C.A. Therien offers a wide variety of handmade fimo clay canes for beautiful nail art. The canes are easily cut into thin slices, or designs can be purchased in convenient pre-cut packs. Fimo can be encased in acrylic or gel, or glued on top of polish and sealed with a gel top coat.

Nubar’s Dried Nail Flower Collection has an astonishing variety of colors in shapes. From the pistil to the petal, each flower can be seen in detail, and with the range of colors available, techs will be able to create a full garden of fl owers and watch their creativity grow.

It’s So Easy’s raison d’etre is much like its name implies, which is to make nail art fun and simple and a good time for everyone. The company has cool iceshape flakes that can give a blast of color to any nail, as well as a variety of rhinestones, pearls, and studs.  The company even has a special tool for applying nail art accessories, the PICKerr UPerr, which allows for easy pick-up and placement of objects.


Backscratchers’ Divine Designs nail art products specialize in the simple and time-saving aspects of nail art, with a number of pressed flower designs, rhinestones, and shining stars. The flowers are pressed fl at, making them easy to brush over and seal with clear top coat, and they have intricate details that can leave clients staring deeply at their nails. The convenient pinwheel packaging of the stars and rhinestones make it easy for techs to mix and match to create their first masterpiece.


PNI Worldwide cuts a wide swath across the nail art accessory market with products like the Exotic Botanicals collection, which features dried flowers from around the world, and its Artistickers that offer intricately detailed designs in easy-to-apply stickers. PNI also has fruit fimo cane slices and colorful stars and glitter beads in convenient clear containers.

Cina Nail Art Creations has a wide variety of nail art accessories that can be glued to a nail — from delicious looking fruit-shaped fimo slices to glittery rhinestones and heart-shaped holograms. The packages come in fun collections, like Chandelier Chic, Champagne Toast, English Rose, Over the Rainbow, and Fruit Salad.


BeautyTech offers a range of clay canes than can easily be sliced and put onto the nail. The canes come in festive shapes like snowmen, Santa Claus, and candy cane houses, as well as fun shapes like casino chips and hearts.


Supply Source has just the collections for the holiday season, making it easy for every nail tech to put a little candy cane nail art upsell on the menu. The designs feature snowmen, candy canes, snowflakes, Santa Claus, and even mistletoe, and come in both a wheel of fimo cane slices or as peel-off decals.


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