If business is slow, it’s time to crank up your “brave meter,” says Kristi Valenzuela, a success coach with Crystal Focus Coaching (www.crystalfocus.com). “Pass out your business cards every chance you get! A very small investment in business cards is priceless and will produce profi table results. Be sure to include an aggressive fi rst-visit voucher printed on the back of the card, and come up with a clever way to introduce yourself,” she says. Create a plan of action to pass out at least 20 business cards each week. Here’s what to do:

  • DO create a great “elevator speech” to market yourself. This is a 30-second pitch describing who you are, what you do, what makes you diff erent, and why someone would want to come see you. It ends with giving that person your business card/ promotion.
  • DO drop off your child at day care. Make sure all the day care employees have your card.
  • DO go to parent/teacher conferences. Make sure all the teachers have your card.
  • DO go out to eat. Make sure you give your waitress your card — and meet two more waitresses.
  • DO go to the dry cleaner and give the person a card. And while you’re there, walk into the business next door and give them your card too.
  • DO get your vehicle’s oil changed. Use these 10 minutes to walk around the strip mall giving out your card.
  • DO create an aggressive new client campaign — for example, 20% off your fi rst visit and free nail polish.
  • DO create a referral reward program — send a friend and get 20% off your next visit and free polish.
  • DO walk around the salon giving free hand massages, polish changes, and paraffi n dips.
  • DO give all new clients in other departments a salon tour and complimentary service.
  • DO off er a “pre-book and win” contest — pre-book your next appointment and go into a drawing for a mani/pedi.
  • DO create a “point of diff erence,” such as a signature consultation, signature themed services, special VIP treatment, special nail table set-ups, etc. Ask yourself, am I one in a million or am I just one of many?
  • DO make sure the front desk person always has her nails done. Make sure YOU do them — free as a gift for her hard work at the desk.
  • DO teach the front desk personnel how to talk about your services. Make sure the front desk professionals have all experienced your work and have a few key clever words to make your services sound irresistible.

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