V.I.P. uses: Universal Companies Bright Light Therapy System; CND Marine Mineral Bath, Marine Salt Scrub, Sea Serum, ScrubFresh, Marine Cooling Masque, Marine Hydrating Oil, and Shellac system.

1. Offer the client a frozen tropical drink. Turn on Universal Companies Bright Light Therapy System, a light that combats Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) and boosts energy levels by mimicking outdoor light. Give the client a chilled aromatherapy neck wrap. Add CND Marine Mineral Bath to the foot bath, and let the client soak for five minutes.

2. Prep nails.

3. Scrub the client’s feet and lower legs with CND Marine Salt Scrub. Rinse and dry the feet.

4. Apply Sea Serum to any callused areas that have not been smoothed. File gently with a foot file until smooth. Rinse and dry the feet.

5. Cleanse nails with CND ScrubFresh.

6. Apply CND Shellac to the nails. (Visit www.nailsmag.com/shellacyournails for a step-by-step.) (Optional) Before applying Shellac top coat, create tropical-themed nail art on the nails.

7. Apply CND Marine Cooling Masque to the client’s feet and lower legs, then cover them with hot, moist towels and let sit for five minutes. Use the towels to wipe off the masque.

8. Perform a relaxing five-minute massage to each lower leg and foot with CND Marine Hydrating Oil.

Alternate Names: Soak Up the Sun Pedi, California Dreaming Pedicure, Light Up My Life Pedicure

Price: $50

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