Nailezee was born 25 years ago in Miami.  It was reborn two years ago when daughters Ryan, Jordan, and Erin Wolf took over their parents’ business. Says Ryan Wolf, “Our parents started the company at a time when salons were abuzz with nail techs smoothing, buffing, and decorating acrylics.  When our father and his partners saw the damage that women were doing to their nails, they set out to fill a void in the marketplace and give women what they wanted: an easy way to grow natural nails with specialized treatment products.”

When the girls took over, they decided it was time to expand the business, and they put themselves forward as the public faces of the product line. “Our first step was to update our packaging of the three treatment products and create a modern, clean look. Our old packaging was very dated (black, gold, and animal print — perfect for the late ’80s and early ’90s),” says Wolf. “We wanted the brand to represent what the product did and that was growth, so we ended up with beautiful flowers, branches, and leaves in three distinct colors. We wanted to create ‘mantras’ that represented the name of each product: ‘Stay Strong,’ ‘Toughen Up,’ and ‘Revitalize.’” Recently the three sisters — who refer to themselves as girl-trepreneurs — developed a line of polishes that are “three-free” and contain biotin.  “Our launch collection is an ode to Miami Beach — our collective hometown and the birthplace of Nailezee.”

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