Presentations uses:
Kona Botanicals Thelassotherapy Herbal Detox Soak, Candy Cane Sugar Scrub, Herbal Infused Honey Mask, Muscle Comfort All-Purpose Skin Care Salve, Aroma Foot/Body Powder; warm stones, extra virgin olive oil, mixed herbs for a poultice or comfrey, cabbage, or noni leaves; (optional) base coat, polish, top coat.

1. Soak the client’s feet in a blend of warm water and Kona Botanicals Thelassotherapy Herbal Detox Soak for 10 minutes. Ask the client if she’d prefer a longer massage or a polish application as part of the service.

2.  (Optional — if applying polish) Rub in Kona Botanicals Candy Cane Sugar Scrub into nails to loosen cuticle, then remove cuticle with nail implements.

3. Make a mud with the Sugar Scrub, Thelassotherapy Soak, and Herbal Infused Honey Mask. Leave on to dissolve calluses, being sure to follow the five-step callus removal process outlined on the scrub directions.


4. Apply Kona Botanicals Herbal Infused Honey Mask. Do not rinse yet.

5. Apply warm stones between the toes.

6. Wrap the feet in warm or cool towels. (Use cool towels if the feet are puffy.) After the warm towels cool, remove any leftover mask with the towels. Remove the stones.

7. Perform a reflexology massage with Kona Botanicals Muscle Comfort All-Purpose Skin Care Salve.

8. Make a poultice by tearing up herbs (research the properties/side effects of each herb before using), then placing the herbs in a blender with extra virgin olive oil until combined. Rub the poultice into the client’s feet. Or warm two comfrey leaves, cabbage leaves, or noni leaves; apply olive oil to each, then wrap one leaf (olive oil side in) around each foot.

9. Wrap the poultice- or leaf-covered feet in warm or cool towels. Once the towels cool, use them to remove the poultice (if used) and to dry the feet.


10. Apply Kona Botanicals Aroma Foot/Body Powder.

11. (Optional) Apply base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat.


Price: $79

Alternate Names:
Botanical Bliss Pedi, Herbal Remedy Foot Treatment, Earthly Comforts Pedicure

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