FingerNailFixer uses:
CND Scentsations Wash and Lotion in Citrus & Green Tea, Citrus Moisture Scrub, Citrus Illuminating Masque, Citrus Soothing Crème, CoolBlue, ScrubFresh, CuticleAway, Cuticle Eraser, SolarOil, Shellac or base coat, polish, top coat, speed-drying spray; halved and sliced lemons and limes.

1. Soak the client’s feet in a blend of warm water and CND Scentsations Wash in Citrus & Green Tea for five minutes.   (Optional) Add sliced lemons and limes to the foot soak.  Sanitize your hands with CoolBlue.

2. One foot at a time, prep the nails with CND ScrubFresh (to remove polish) and CuticleAway. Place feet back in the soak.

3. (Optional) Apply CND Shellac to the nails. (Visit for a step-by-step.)

4. Rub in CND CuticleEraser and SolarOil to the base of the nail plates and the surrounding skin.


5. Exfoliate one foot at a time by applying CND Citrus Moisture Scrub to a halved lime, then massaging it in. Return the foot to the soak, rinse, and remove the remaining scrub with a moist, soft sponge. Dry with a towel, then use the towel to wrap the foot before repeating the steps on the second foot.


6. (Optional) Warm CND Citrus Illuminating Masque in a small container submerged in warm water. Use a sliced lemon to brush the masque onto both feet. Wrap feet in towels and let penetrate for several minutes. (Optional) Place feet in heated pedicure boots. Remove mask with towels, then wipe away excess in the soak. Dry both feet with a towel.


7. Massage feet and lower legs with CND Citrus Soothing Crème (for extremely dry areas) and CND Scentsations Lotion in Citrus & Green Tea.

8. (Optional — if didn’t apply Shellac) Buff nails or apply base coat, two coats of polish, top coat, and speed-drying spray.


Price: +$10-$15 over a non-themed pedicure

Alternate Names:
Lemon-Lime Pedicure, High Tea Pedi, Citrus Splash Pedicure

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