The Nail Trainer by Essential Nails originated in England almost 15 years ago and has since undergone many improvements.

“We’ve been getting some great responses to it,” says Gina Wallace, a main distributor in the U.S. “We first started targeting students online, but now we’ve been reaching out to schools as well.”

The training hand has a moveable arm in similar length to a human’s, which can hold the hand in place at any angle. The hand has moveable joints for each knuckle, and a soft rubber tip at the end to mimic the touch of human skin. Nail tips can be slid in and out of the rubber fingers to quickly change designs.

Essential Nails also offers the hand in a package with a Nail Trainer Kit, which has instructional materials and a DVD to show proper use and mounting of the hands. “The hands come with our own acrylic primer and gel bond, which are designed to adhere to the plastic tips instead of a human’s keratin nail,” says Wallace. “And the techs put their traditional brands on top of our bases to practice.”

Essential Nails offers a branding service for the training hands when ordered at a certain quantity, allowing companies or schools to put their logo over the wrist, which could be in the interest of larger schools and education centers.

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