Sure, a classy pink-and-white French is always in season, but why not switch it up this fall with a dose of trendy color? Dashing Diva Professional offers an easy alternative French look that combines the company’s French Wrap Plus with its polish colors. Here’s an example (Note: All products named below are from Dashing Diva):


1. Perform a natural nail manicure and prepare the cuticle area. Lightly buff the free edge with the 240-grit side of a Pink Sponge File to remove shine.


2. After sizing French Wrap Plus for every finger, apply Brush-on Glue to the side corners of the natural nail free edge and onto the entire band of French color inside the French Wrap Plus housing applicator. (Note: Choose from the thin bands for clients with shorter nails and the thick bands for clients with longer nails — don’t try to use French Wrap Plus to extend the nail bed.)

3. Apply French Wrap Plus onto the free edge one nail at a time, making sure the edge of French color is aligned flush with the free edge. Hold it in place and press out from the center of the housing applicator to the sides, repeating the motion two to three times. (Color shown is the thin-band black from the Color Classics collection.)


4. Clip off the application tab at the raised circle to release the housing applicator from the color, and immediately wipe off any excess adhesive (before it dries) with a dry lint-free wipe.


5. File the French color bands to align with the free edges using a White File, making sure there is no overhang. Lightly buff over the French color with the 240-grit side of a Pink Sponge File. Remove any dust with a dry lint-free wipe.


6. Apply one coat of Base Seal to nails and allow to fully dry (takes approximately five minutes).


7. Apply polish in a sideways manner up to the start of the French color. Repeat polish application if needed. If the polish runs onto the French color, gently remove the excess polish with an angled brush and non-acetone polish remover. (Color shown is Astor Place, a favorite on the fall fashion runways.)

8. Apply two coats of Top Seal over the nails. Your client should be able to wear this look for up to two weeks. When it’s time to remove it, soak a cotton ball in acetone, hold it on each nail for a few seconds, then wipe away.

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