My’Amour Salon & Spa in San Leandro, Calif., uses:

Innovative Body Science Milk Bath Powder, Creamy Milk Exfoliant, Therap-E Milk Hand Cream, and (optional) Milk Cleanser; SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail; base coat, polish, top coat; (optional) PerfectSense Paraffin.

1. Offer the client a beverage and a warm neck pillow.

2. Fill the manicure bowl with warm water and one scoop of Innovative Body Science Milk Bath Powder.

3. Start prep on the left hand’s nails, including applying cuticle softener and pushing back cuticles, then place the left hand in the filled bowl.

4. Repeat Step 3 for the right hand. Remove the left hand from the bowl. Remove the right hand from the bowl.

5. Finish prepping nails on both hands, including buffing.

6. Massage SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail into nails.

7. Pour a small amount of the Innovative Body Science Creamy Milk Exfoliant into your hands, then massage it into the client’s hands and forearms. Remove it with hot towels.

8. (Optional) Allow the client to wash her hands with Innovative Body Science Milk Cleanser.


9. Massage the client’s hands and forearms with Innovative Body Science Therap-E Milk Hand Cream. Cover hands in plastic bags, then in warm hand mitts for up to five minutes. Remove any remaining lotion from on or under the nails. Wipe excess lotion with a dry towel.


10. Spray nails with antiseptic solution, then use alcohol to remove oily residue. Apply base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat. Let dry.

11. (Optional) Perform a PerfectSense Paraffin Treatment.


Got Milk? Mani

Cream of the Crop Manicure

Silky Milky Smooth Hand Treatment

Price: $25

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