Cool off your clients this season with a refreshing seasonal pedicure using CND’s Marine Spa Pedicure line and Scentsations Cucumber & Aloe lotion. The products use marine botanicals and sea salts to energize, cool, and rejuvenate tired feet. The CND Marine Spa Pedicure line includes a Mineral Bath, Salt Scrub, Cooling Masque, and Hydrating Oil that are lightly fragranced to create an aquatic and relaxing sensation for clients.

1. Add one scoop of Marine Mineral Bath to a foot bath or two or three scoops to a motorized whirlpool tub. Incorporate slices of fresh cucumber, agitate with your hands to dissolve, and soak feet for three to five minutes.

2. Trim length with a nail clipper or nipper, and trim corners at 45° angles. Refine the shape of the natural nail with the 240-grit side of Kanga File or Boomerang Padded File, and file down corners.

3. Apply a pearl-size drop of CuticleAway and remove any cuticle tissue from the nail plate.

4. Massage a scoop of Marine Salt Scrub onto the tops of feet and up the legs to the knees. Place in a foot bath to rinse.

5. Spread a thin, even coat of Marine Cooling Masque onto the foot and ankle using your hands or a brush. Wrap feet in warm towels and leave for five minutes, then unwrap and rinse in a foot bath.

6. Take one foot out of the bath, and holding the heel in your lap rub Cucumber & Aloe Scentsations lotion from the foot to the knee using massage motions. Repeat on the other foot.

7. Dry the feet, and prep toenails for color application. Apply base coat, two thin coats of the client’s favorite CND polish color, and finish off with top coat.

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