You’ve finished your last client of the day, sending her off with exquisite pink-and-whites (with perfect product application and craft), and you notice you’re not tired, you’re not sick at the sight of nails, in fact — you’re filled with energy knowing you put on one of the best sets in town. You’re even thinking about a cool nail art design you want to try tomorrow morning. You’re a nail tech who is passionate about what you do.

What’s great about the nail industry is it has opportunities for nail techs like you to take your skills to the next level and gain experience in business, teaching, and traveling by becoming an educator for a nail product manufacturer. If you haven’t heard of them by now, nail educators are skilled nail technicians who have been hired by companies to teach other techs how to use their particular brand of product, most typically gels and acrylics.

Nail companies are always on the lookout for new educators. They are looking for enthusiastic and motivated techs to show other nail techs how they too can make fantastic nails using that specific brand. For the educator, this means a payment for the classes instructed, travel expenses paid, and for some companies, even a commission on products sold during the class.

“It’s really a fantastic opportunity,” says Hand & Nail Harmony educator MaeLing Parrish. “Becoming an educator was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve been able to travel to 16 different countries and meet so many incredible people in the nail industry all over the world. I just love it.”

The advantage for nail techs is there are a number of companies in our industry that are constantly on the lookout for the next fabulous tech who can become a hit at shows and classrooms, and really galvanize customer enthusiasm for their products.

“Having educators is essential for us,” says Light Elegance president Jim McConnell. “They become your direct connection to your customer base, because typically manufacturers are not skilled nail technicians themselves. We need educators to cross the bridge.”

So who are these educators, what companies are looking for them, and how do you apply? NAILS provides a rundown on some of the biggest nail education programs and details about how you can get started. If there’s a product line here you’re familiar with, and you have a desire to see where nails can take you, contact these companies and see if educating is right for you. After all, that one inquiry might set you on a globe-trotting nail-driven adventure.

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