IBD’s Gelac is a light-weight gel polish that provides gorgeous color and cover and UV cures in just minutes. Two weeks later, nails still look salon perfect. When it’s time to remove Gelac, soak off in just 10 minutes and brush-on a fabulous new color.


1. Clean, prep, and lightly file the nail, then apply IBD Gelac Base Coat. This preps and dehydrates the nail for optimal adhesion.


2. Apply one thin coat of IBD Gelac polish to four fingernails. (Complete all steps for first four fingers then repeat the same steps for thumbs.) Avoid applying on the cuticles and sidewalls to prevent lifting.


3. Place hand flat in the lamp and leave still for a smooth, even appearance. Cure the polish under the UV light for three minutes.


4. Apply a second coat of IBD Gelac polish to the same four fingernails and UV cure again for three minutes. Finish with one coat of IBD Gelac Top Coat. UV cure for one minute.


5. Saturate an IBD Nail Wipe with IBD Gelac Cleanser and gently wipe away any tacky residue from the surface. Avoid re-wiping the nail with a used section of the nail wipe. This may cause the tacky residue to transfer to the next nail.


6. Enjoy beautiful nail color that lasts for up to 14 days. 

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