Amidst the gel-craze, acrylics have steadily been reinventing themselves to come out with better performing powders, and with brighter colors than ever. Here’s a collection of the newest acrylic powders on the market.

CND introduced its Shimmers Collection this year, with powders that match the custom blending gels of the same name. Colors include Silver Frost, Silver Shimmer, and Gold Shimmer. The powders can be blended and create a luster-like finish on enhancements.

Entity’s Glitter Powders are for sculptors who want a little more flash in their enhancements. The convenient two-piece kit features Pink and Lavender glitters that will sparkle on a client’s nail. The powders can be used with other Entity color powders to create customized color enhancements and nail art.

Young Nails has new cover powders in Peach and Pink. The colors are available in a large 85-g. jar or a 45-g. jar, and provide excellent natural-looking coverage. Perfect for ridged nail beds, these powders create enhancements that look smooth and healthy.

Sheba Nails’ Porcelana Blue Powders come in a range of natural shades that can be blended for perfect custom enhancements. The colors include pink, white, peach, apricot, pure pink, and glass.   

NSI has made sure it covers the pink spectrum with its Attraction Pinks. The powders come in economical 4.6-oz. containers, and cover all subtleties between pink shades with colors Purely Pink, Extreme Pink, and Purely Pink Masque.

Nubar’s Get Hot Collection is billed as a professional acrylic starter kit and includes everything you’ll need to get started. The kit has forms, tips, bonder, monomer, cleansing solution, and a total of nine acrylic powders, six of which are hot, fun colors.


LeChat extends its Nail Architecture line with the new Cabaret Collection. The collection brings techs a range of bright colors, along with some textured/glittery colors, and a nice turquoise as well. Color names include Chanteuse, Hip Cat, Jazzy, La Vie en Rose, and more.

Cácee has a new collection, Pearl Powder, that features colors that range from a bright, almost neon green and pink, to a softer pink, blue, and white. The powders can be mixed to create your own design and are designed to provide a strong enhancement with no service breakdown. 

Backscratchers has revamped its dipping powders for its Extreme Dipping System. The standard colors feature an even whiter white, a deeper pink, and more transparent clear. Once the nails are dipped into the powders, Backscratchers’ Extreme Finish Glaze is brushed over for a great-looking enhancement.

Christrio’s Deluxe Advanced Acrylic System comes in both a stylish, 1-oz. diamond jar and in convenient ¼-oz. jars. The powders come in more than 40 colors that can be arranged in view of the customer for easy choices in custom blending and nail art designs.

EZ Flow’s Boogie Night’s Confetti Collection conveniently gives you everything you need to start doing sets, with monomer, tips, and brush-on resin included. The collection also features fun color names like It’s A Party, Celebrate, Festive, Shindig, Soiree, Countdown, and more.

Star Nail’s newest acrylic line is Nail Evolution. The powders have a superior keratin bonding, cross-linked liquid monomer that mixes with the powders to produce strong and bright enhancements. Colors include Pink, Intense Pink, Clear, and White.

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