La~Te~Da uses: Li’tya O’Yarrarng Smoking Blend, Jiga Jina Hand Soak, Native Mint Sea Salt, Ocean Dreaming Pure Essence Blend, Mother of Pearl Body Polish, Wild Rosella Mist or Desert Lime Toner, Munthari Hand Lotion, Tasmanian Kelp Hydrating Mask; base coat, polish, top coat.

1. Complete a client consultation, making sure to find out about allergies, current nail and skin condition, and any special needs.

2. File nails.

3. Place 2 Tbs. Li’tya O’Yarrarng Smoking Blend into a bowl or coolamon, then light it with matches or a lighter. Move the bowl in a counterclockwise direction over the client, from the crown to the feet, then back to the crown. (According to the salon, this movement captures the client’s negative energy, brings it into the smoldering plant, turns it to ash, and returns it to the earth.)

4. Soak the client’s hands in warm water with 1 Tbs. Li’tya Jiga Jina Hand Soak, 1.5 tsp. Li’tya Native Mint Sea Salt, and 2 drops of Li’tya Ocean Dreaming Pure Essence Blend for five minutes.

5. Exfoliate the client’s hands and lower arms with 1 Tbs. Li’tya Mother of Pearl Body Polish. Dry hands with a towel. 6. Finishing prepping nails.

7. Lightly spray one arm and hand with Li’tya Wild Rosella Mist or Desert Lime Toner.

8. Massage lower arm and hand with Li’tya Munthari Hand Lotion.

9. Apply Li’tya Tasmanian Kelp Hydrating Mask to lower arm and hand. Wrap with a warm towel, then place a dry towel over the first towel. Repeat steps 7-9 on the other side. Remove the mask.

10. (Optional) Apply base coat, two coats of polish, and top coat.

Alternate Names: Fire & Water Mani, Aussie Aboriginal Manicure, Oceanic Moisturizing Hand Treatment

Price: $60

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