Waxing can be an easy way for nail techs to complement a manicure or pedicure by removing unsightly knuckle hairs. An esthetician or cosmetology license is required to wax in the United States. If you have one or are thinking of getting one, here is a sampling of products to give your clients a top-notch waxing service.


Cold Wax Co.’s L’Eily Cold Wax is a sugar wax that can be used cold on most parts of the body. It’s available in a starter kit that includes wax, prewax cleanser and dusting powder, after wax toner and gel, portion cups, and waxing strips.

Depilève’s Intimate Film Rosin wax is a hard wax that requires no muslin strip, but only attaches to the hair and not the skin. The wax removes the entire root of the hair cleanly and effectively, so r e-growth is slower.

Clean + Easy’s Brazilian Full Body Hard Wax is specifically designed for the Brazilian bikini technique and will gently remove even the coarsest of hair from sensitive skin. The no-strip formula leaves the skin smooth with no wax residue.

Mancine Cosmetics’ Ultra Flexxx Brazilian Strawberry XXX Wax will soothe senses and pamper skin with its delicious scent and silky smooth texture. This hypoallergenic wax is formulated to reduce redness and leave no sticky residue.


Hive of Beauty’s Options Waxes were created to deliver the very best quality wax at economical salon costs. The waxes are available in Warm, Crème, Tea Tree Crème, Pink Sensitive, Lemon Zest, Lavender, Chocolate, and Green Tea.

Melting Pot’s Warm Honey Wax is a quality European formula for complete and all-purpose hair removal at an economical price. It has advanced adhesion qualities for superior results with reduced redness and irritation after waxing.

Mastex’s Azulene and Honey Depilatory Waxes were developed for people with sensitive skin but work well for all skin types. The waxes moisturize the skin as they remove the hair to leave it smooth and free of irritation or residue.

Satin Smooth’s new Organic Soy Wax can be used for hair removal on all body parts and has a low melting point so the wax does not get too hot for clients. The wax contains soybeans, honey, chamomile, palm oil, and grapeseed oil to moisturize and soothe the skin.

Wax N’ Waxing’s wax is a beeswax-based 100% depilatory that contains no added sugar or honey and has a smooth consistency that does not crumble or break. The wax can also be melted in the microwave.

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