A new batch of nail tips is popping up on trade show floors this year, and they are taking colored and pre-designed nail tips into the new decade. With fresh designs and sleek metallic colors, nail techs now have a wonderful collection of tips to spruce up their clients’ nails.

Xtreme Nail’s Designer Tips come in convenient packs of 30 and are available in a variety of designs and colors. Offering a more subdued design collection, the tips have contoured wells that are easily shaped for different sized nails, and are available in multiple sizes as well.



The ultra-sleek and chic nail tips coming from Dashing Diva this year have definitely made their mark on the show floor. The tips come in a variety of bright and fun designs and are made to go on fast and easy but stay on for long and comfortable wear. Dashing Diva also has a large assortment of French tips with different colored smile lines.



Nailite offers an economical and easy assortment of colored tips. The colors range from light pastels to dark bolds, and they are very easy to apply, cut, and shape to your client’s preference.

Boasting one of the most extensive collections in the nail industry, Cala Products has an assortment of different predesigned nail tips, which feature the popular “European- Style Designs” with more intricate art, as well as metallic and neon tips.


An industry staple when it comes to pre-designed tips, Shooting Star International has a number of eye-catching designs, including the luster-packed Super Nova Tips. Offering over 100 original and exclusive designs, the tips are designed to have a fast, no-blending application that requires minimal filing or prep work. shootingint@aol.com.


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